Which is the best Search Engine?

Being techy, I have tried almost all the existing search engines up till now and finally, I have come to the conclusion that Google stands way above than the rest at least for the time being. Know exactly why?

  • Google search engine uses a powerful tool to filter your search. Without Google, it is practically impossible to find information based on your need.

  • Google uses a special algorithm to generate results and however, it shares the general information and facts about its algorithm but the specifics are confidential and are a company secret.

  • Google uses automated programs named Spider or Crawler and what sets Google apart is that it's ranking in displaying the results.

  • It determines the order Google results on its SERP(Search Engine Results Page)

What Makes Google the Best Search Engine?

  • Establishment of History − Basically, Google search uses a keyword to search your query on the web. It uses location and frequency of keywords on the web, if the keyword appears only once in the body of the page then it will receive a low score for a keyword.

  • The Existence of Web Page − People create many web pages every day but they do not update their web pages on a regular basis and not all of them stick to it. So, Google gives value to the pages which have an established history.

  • Web Pages Linked that Link to the Page − Google looks into the web pages that how many web pages have been linked to the current page relevantly.

Based on all the above facts, one can say that Google search engine is the best search engine among all search engines on the web. Google was the only search engine, which started using a keyword for displaying results for the viewers. Previously, the search engines like Yahoo, AOL, etc. were using relevant search based on the query produced by the viewer itself but the Google search engine started reflecting results automatically based on your keywords which will enhance your search and the results are quicker, faster, and accurate.