What are the advantages of drinking wine? Is it really good for health?

There has been a lot of research gone into drinking wine and whether it is good or bad for health. Keeping aside the advantages and disadvantages of drinking wine, a lot of people drink wine because they love the taste of it.

As per the American Heart Association consuming one to two four-ounce glasses of wine per day is good for health.

The benefits of moderate intake of wine are still under debate. But let us look into the major benefits of drinking wine:

Reduces the risk of Heart Attack − It is observed that, blood pressure will be under control for those who are moderate wine drinkers. This results in lower heart attack risk. Red wine contains Proanthocyanidins which are essentially polymer chains of flavonoids such as catechins. They are found in grape seeds and skin.

These Proanthocyanidins act as great antioxidants, neutralizing oxidants and free radicals in the blood. Wine also depresses blood fat and inhibits destruction of collagen. This ultimately prevents cardiovascular disease by mitigating the negative effects of high cholesterol on the heart and blood vessels.

Reduces of Type 2 Diabetes − Regular and moderate intake of wine proved to act on decreasing risk of getting type 2 diabetes. But people who are already diabetic are advised to reduce their alcohol consumption to control blood glucose levels.

It is also said that moderate intake of wine for people who already have Type 2 diabetes have the advantage of differing a heart attack.

Reduce Body Fat − Wine contains a plant-derived chemical, called resveratrol. This helps in burning belly fat and controls obesity. It is proved that resveratrol comes from the skin of grapes and both red and white wines contain resveratrol.

Based on the great research gone into this area, they have concluded that there are more benefits of drinking wine in moderate amounts. For women not beyond 1 glass per day and men 2 glasses per day. This is the limit for people who are already habituated to drink wine. As we know, anything done in moderation is not counted as addiction.

Definitely, this is not an indication to people who do not drink that they should start now 😁