What are the advantages of belonging to a middle-class family?

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We know that being born in a middle-class family is an everyday compromise. Every time when we want something, we have to prioritize our needs and wait for years even to get a simple wish fulfilled. Still, I feel, there are more advantages in growing up in a middle-class family.

As a child, I grew up in a two bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor where we had no lift. We used to get drinking water from the tap near the gate, as there was no sump for storing and pumping the water up. I remember in my childhood my mom and dad used to get the water in the morning, alternate day. We have never seen my parents lazying around or wasting their time. They were always busy.

My mom used to wake up at 5 a.m every morning, cook meals for us and she used to go to work by 9 a.m to the school where she worked as a teacher. I have never seen her complain about anything and always had a smile on her face. My dad used to work part-time after office hours and reached home at 9 p.m every day.

Despite such a never-ending struggle to make both ends meet, we always had our parents to support us whenever we need them. Monthly one Sunday we all used to go to a movie and have dinner in a restaurant. I and my elder sister used to wait for that Sunday. That day was like a festival for us.

Belonging to a middle-class family, we know the value of every single rupee, and we know how to wait for the things to happen, we knew the value of time and most importantly discipline and no lazying around. We used to come home, study and sleep by 9.30 every day. We were not addicted to any gadgets or Idiot box.

I think growing up in a middle-class environment is great!!!

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24