What are some tips to make fluffy omelets at home?

Omelets are one of the favorite breakfasts for all ages. Easy to make and easy to eat. Everybody knows the recipe for an omelet. Just crack the eggs into a bowl, put all the seasoning, whip them by hand or with a mixer and pour into a pan. Your omelet is ready.

But in particular, if you want to make fluffy omelets, there are so many tips to do that.

  • Beat the eggs for more time. Fluffiness comes when a lot of air is whipped into the eggs. Beating the egg mixture with a fork or electric beater for more than a minute will make the difference.

  • Use one spoon of butter in the eggs before you start whisking it in with salt and pepper. The continuous beating will make it frothy.

  • Add a spoon of fresh whipped cream before whisking to make the batter frothy.

  • Some people add pancake batter and one spoon of milk to make the omelets fluffy.

  • One more technique is whipping the egg whites separately and then fold in egg yolks into that to make the batter frothy.

  • Some try mixing a spoon of water to make omelets fluffy.

Whatever method you try, the batter should be aerated thoroughly to get fluffy omelets.