What are some tips to decorate a penthouse?

A penthouse is synonymous with luxury. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to decorate a penthouse. However, if one is bent upon a perfect decoration, it cannot be a big challenge either.

Factors To Keep In Mind

  • Age of inhabitants living

  • Number of inhabitants living

  • Occupation of inhabitants

  • Purpose (Meetings of office or only family)

  • Any other specific requirements and desires

Once these are clear, one can start decorating their Penthouse keeping the following tips in mind:

  • If you are a decoration Nazi or an Antique lover, always choose beautifully crafted materials and show-pieces for the decoration of your penthouse.

  • If you are a family of small kids, keep maximum stuff on the walls and not on the floor. A child may get hurt with heavy furniture, but may not get hurt with expensive paintings.

  • Since a penthouse offers a view to a large number of outside activities, one tends to keep windows open. In that case, dust may creep in and spoil the floor. Always go for a dark colored Carpet and Dark color curtains.

  • Keep it airy, modern and sleek. Do not go for gaudy and pretence for your wall.

  • A penthouse is on the topmost floor gets too hot in summers and too cold in winters. So, it is important to keep the room shady in summers and filled with light in Winters. One should adjust the wall and curtain colors accordingly.

  • What fun would it be to go on a romantic date somewhere on any day of the year? But what if the same is experienced at the rooftop in your own accommodation. Feel free to enjoy the fruits of a rooftop living and keep a barbeque corner in your penthouse.

Life is fun, enjoy and keep the decoration subject to change. The same decoration of the house for years does nothing to please the mood. In fact, one should keep changing the décor and then get up to derive more pleasure and joy.