What are some of the popular indoor games?

Indoor games are fun and a good time pass. Playing indoor games enables good relationships. Here are some of the most popular indoor games.

  • Chess: Chess is a most popular indoor game played by two people. This improves thinking capability and keeps the brain active.

  • Carroms: Carroms is a game where two or four people can enjoy playing. This game increases team spirit and enhances focus.

  • Ludo: Though a kids’ game, it has a lot of fun.

Apart from these games where you sit and play, indoor games can also be those which let you stretch your arms and legs by making you sweat.

  • Shuttle/Badminton: A Simple shuttle or ball badminton kind of game can be played indoors in a large open room, either doubles or singles. This is my favorite.

  • Squash: Squash is a popular game that provides fun and recreation with many health benefits.

  • Table Tennis: TT is another interesting indoor game which can be played indoors with friends either singles or doubles.

  • Swimming: Swimming is also an indoor activity that provides a great exercise and makes you feel fresh and energetic.

  • Bowling: Bowling has been a recent popular indoor game which is fun. Foosball also adds to the list of recently popular indoor games.

  • Billiards/Snookers: Either Billiards or Snookers can be played indoors which enhances coordination and promotes self-confidence.