What are the popular Encryption Algorithm?

There are some popular Encryption Algorithm are as follows −

 Triple DES − Triple DES was intended as a successor to the once generally used Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm. This symmetric-key approach of data encryption was create obsolete by the hackers who continually exploited its vulnerabilities.

Triple DES succeeded that develop into the most broadly used symmetric algorithm in the industry. The algorithm need a 56-bit individual key with the total key length inserting up to 168 bits. Because it is consecutive encryption, there is a middle-level vulnerability that reduce its protection to the level of a 112-bit key.

 Advanced Encryption Standard − AES is a type of symmetric ciphers that encodes 128-bits of information at a time. The key that can be used to decrypt the data can be of multiple sizes such as 128-bit, 192-bit, or 256-bit. The 128-bit key ciphers the data in 10 rounds, such as the 192-bit key in 12 steps, and the 256-bit key in 14 stages.

AES has authorized itself to be highly effective and reliable over the last few years. This approach of encryption is broadly used by several organizations for both the stored data and the information being send between two connecting sides.

 RSA − RSA is developed as the standard public-key encryption algorithm. It is asymmetric because it has a public and a private key that encrypts information being sent and received. Its scrambling method takes far too much time for some attackers to break and keeps communication quite safe.

The keys for the RSA algorithms are produced by multiplying the large number and generating a modulus. Because the numbers included are large, it creates RSA much secure than DES.

While the Triple-DES operates with keys similar to 112 bits, the RSA keys are 1024 to 2048 bits long. But the 2048-bit keys are suggested by the government and IT industry.

 Twofish − Twofish is the successor of Blowfish and is also a symmetric encryption approach that is favorite between many. It is same as its predecessor. Twofish need block encrypting and divide the information into blocks that are 128 bits long, and the key is used simultaneously to all blocks.

The key for the encryption can be 256 bits long. It is popularly used with devices that have low processing alternative while brute-forcing the encrypted message of Twofish considered unrealistic.

 Blowfish − Blowfish is symmetrical encryption same as the DES and therefore is known for its high speed. It is a top challenger as an alternative to both DES and RSA. The algorithm divides information being sent into chunks that are 64 bits and encrypts each individually.

The length of the keys can be anywhere from 32 bits to 448 bits, and so far the encryption has not been crushed. It can insert to its popularity is that the algorithm is not possess and free for everyone to need in the public domain. It is used by many in industries including software and e-commerce platforms that required to safe payments and handle passwords.