What are some of the popular apps or websites to book salon services at home?

It is said that "Cleanliness is next to godliness". It is not only important to maintain community hygiene, but also personal hygiene. For the latter, one should take care of one's grooming which can be done by visiting parlors, spas, salons etc.

Due to lack of time, it may not be possible to visit a spa or salon and then wait there endlessly for one's turn. In that circumstance, it is better to pre-book an appointment online. This can be done as follows:

Install Littleapp

Littleapp is an application available on Google play store. One can install it and book a spa or salon deal as per one's choice. There are some discounts also available on selective deals.

Install Nearbuy

Nearbuy is another application available on Google play store. It has various deals in major cities of India as individual services or combos. One can choose one or more of these as per one's budget.


This is a spa appointment booking service in Bangalore. Depending on your service and location, you can choose a particular deal.


This is again a spa appointment booking service with multiple branches in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Spa and Salon appointment booking website in the whole of Mumbai has become one of the favorite time-saving grooming platforms for Mumbai people.


Ayurvedic spa and salon services in Bangalore and Hyderabad are available on this website.


It is a multi-purpose application, ranging from beauty, house cleaning, home tutors etc services in various parts of the city with coupon codes for additional discounts.

These were some of the popular spa and salon booking websites running in India. Apart from this, one can either book directly through websites of Lakme etc or call at the respective branch and book an appointment.