What are some of the applications of LASER?

LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The LASER action was first proposed by Einstein.

Applications of a LASER

A LASER can be used in many fields. Some of its usages are given here.

  • Used In Welding and Melting: The laser beam welding is mainly used for joining components using high welding speeds and low thermal distortion.

  • Used In Holography: The reason that a hologram cannot be made without a LASER source is that coherence length for laser source can be very high due to which sustained interference pattern will be recorded on a hologram. This suggests the indispensable application of LASER.

  • Used To Accelerate Some Chemical Reactions: A cheap laser can be used to trigger a chemical reaction for printing, regulated drug delivery inside the body and accelerating chemical reactions too.

  • Used As A Death Ray: A powerful LASER beam can destroy airplanes and missiles etc in seconds. So, it is also termed as Death Ray.

  • Distance Calculation: Just like SONAR, a fast LASER beam can be useful in surveying and ranging. This itself means distance calculation.

  • Dress Manufacturing Industry: Garment industry uses laser beams for cutting thick clothes.

  • Security and Defence: Laser technology is used in perimeter security, target designation, monitoring of toxic gases and their illumination.

  • Laser Cinema: Modulight has provided lasers for many of the leading cinema projector companies. Thus, it has applications even in Cinema.

These applications of LASER suggest that how LASER has myriad benefits. Not only entertainment medium but healthcare, display and projection, safety and defense and many others.