What are some of the best love conversation?

Love is eternal. It is not physical, but the union of two hearts and souls. We read so many young boys and girl love stories, some of them which lead to a happy ending and some end up as great tragedies.

The present generation cannot believe that there will be great love stories even in arranged marriages. In fact in arranged marriages, there will be more love. That is because they have more bondage with years of togetherness and sailing through life's ups and downs without leaving each other's hands.

Once I happened to overhear this cute conversation of my grandparents who were in other room and understood what do you mean by love and bonding and was left in tears of ecstasy.

My grandpa was asking my grandma "Dear .. can you get me some coffee"

Grandma said " sure" and she could not get up due to severe pain in the knees, and sat back in the chair saying "ouch".

Grandpa worriedly said "are you feeling pain in the knees again"? and he got up and reached out for the pain balm in the cupboard.

He started rubbing the balm on her knees and she held his hand and said "leave it. I will apply". He smiled and said "let me do at least this much for you. You have been serving me throughout your life".

Grandma said "do you remember when we went to Chennai for the first time, I fell down on the platform and could not walk and you massaged my foot right on the platform sitting on the floor" and they smiled affectionately at each other and started talking about that incident.

Suddenly I realized that living on beautiful memories from the past and holding each other's hand till the end of their lives makes a greater love story than most of these successful blockbuster movies. Their each conversation will become the best love conversation.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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