What are some of the best free softwares available online for editing image?

We all use images for our varied purposes and a picture has to serve the purpose for which it has been shot. However, there are times we don't get the desired result after the shoot despite using a good camera. Here comes an editing tool into the picture. There are a good number of online software available not only to edit them but also to make them perfect for your needs.

Photoshop Suite

Adobe Photoshop suite is the ultimate user-friendly tool appreciated worldwide for image editing. Though expensive, the Photoshop elements offer you a wide range of editing tools. But it’s better to have some formal training on this.

  • GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program. This is termed as an alternative to Photoshop and is affordable as well. It has a customizable interface.

  • PhotoScape: It has a lot of features with a simple user interface. It has all the basic editing features and also features collage maker.

  • Pixlr: Pixlr is more like a photoshop that helps you crop, resize and also tweak the pictures and to add creative overlays on pictures.

  • LightRoom: it is a powerful tool that helps to organize and editing pictures at a large scale. Lightroom focuses on editing in batches.

  • Picasa: Picasa is a well-known tool from Google that helps us organize and view photographs. It also has some mediocre editing features.

  • PicMonkey: PicMonkey is an online photo editor with simple interface of four sections like Editing, Touch up, Design and Collage.

  • Fotor: This photo editor brings you options to edit a photo, design a card or make a collage, all in a click.

  • Paint.NET: Bagging several awards like one from PC World, Paint.NET which occupies low space but comes with layer support, offers you options to enhance your picture and history that helps you find and fix your mistakes.

  • BeFunky: This is also an online photo editor and collage maker. This has got options like Basic Editing, Touch Up, Effect, Graphics etc.

  • The Nik Collection: This is free image editing site from google having seven plugins each providing a different feature.

  • PhotoCat: This also helps you edit an image, retouch it and prepare a collage.

  • SumoPaint: This is a site that offers full-fledged editing features

  • HitFilm: It is both a video and photo editor with 2D, 3D and visual effects.

  • Ipiccy: If you are looking for an automated process in pictures like adding some features and deleting unwanted things.

  • Easel.ly: This is an info-graphic oriented web App which offers numerous templates.

  • Snappa: A drag-and-drop editor for social media posts and blog posts.

  • Fiverr: This is a place for simple and inexpensive gigs.

  • PortraitPro: A special site for airbrushing, fixing blemishes and reshape face for portraits.

  • Pixelz: It helps you change the background of your image.

  • MisterClipping: A image clipping tool that allows manual removal of background.

  • KeyShot: An image rendering software that creates high-definition visuals.

  • PluralSight: Offers you sophisticated photo editing tools and has some tutorials to learn the photo editing.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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