What are some of the best media players in the market?

Over the last decade, media has seen a lot of changes. People used to download movies from the internet or buffer it overnight to watch a movie. With rapidly growing internet speeds, streaming has become the main source of media casting.

A media player can be of many types, a software program in the computer or a device which by a mere connection to the HDMI port of your Television set which lets you browse media on the internet and help you stream it on the Television.

Online media has changed a lot over the course of years and is an integral part of Media now. Few of the Media players available in the market are −

Roku streaming stick

It is one of the first media streaming devices which was a huge success due to its easy interface and unrivalled collection of apps and content.

Google Chromecast

  • Google is very well-known for its innovations. The Google chrome cast allows your mobile, tablets and computer to connect to the television without any external connections.

  • The downside of Google Chromecast is that they don't provide a remote with it, you need to have your mobile or tablet or computer around you to use it.

Apple TV

  • Apple is known for its classy products and cutting-edge technology. The Apple Television is such another product offered by Apple.

  • The iTunes, Tv shows and movies steal the show. It is designed such that you can navigate very easily and can enjoy video apps.

  • The value-adding feature to this is, the remote for Apple TV is Siri enabled.

Amazon Fire Stick

The Best Media player in the market has to be hands down "Amazon Fire Stick".

  • Amazon came up with an online streaming service called Prime video in India in the last year. Till Amazon introduced the fire stick people had to either rely on Apple TV to airplay or connect their computer using HDMI to TV (preferably not ideal).

  • Amazon gives a proper remote with a voice recognition feature. To power, it, connect the included Micro-USB cable to one of your TV’s USB ports (or any other charger).

  • On first boot, if it warns you that it can’t draw enough power, you should use the supplied mains adapter instead.

  • If your TV is wall-mounted and doesn’t have recessed ports, you’ll have to deal with the ugliness of the power cable trailing out.

It is less complicated and more user-friendly, Hence Amazon Fire Stick wins the game.

Updated on: 26-Jun-2020


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