What are free Online Favicon Generators?

A favicon is a little icon visible on the web browser tab, just before the page title. It is generally a logo with the smaller size. Creating it is not something to worry about. Online Favicon Generators easily gives options to create a Favicon for free on button click.

Let us see some of the free online Favicon Generators,


Favicon.cc is a favicon creator and generator. Design or you can easily import a logo to design your favicon. You can also create animated Favicon here.


Using this create and generate icons for the Web, Android, Microsoft, and iOS apps. Choose an image from your computer and create it on a button click. The image can be in PNG, JPG, or GIF format and gets converted into a .ico file.

Favicon Generator

Convert your existing PNG, JPG, or GIF images into Favicon i.e. .ico format. Upload an image, select the size and that’s it.

Updated on: 25-Feb-2020


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