What are some easy morning breakfast ideas for lazy bachelors?

Here are some easy and fast breakfast recipes for lazy bachelors to make in the last moment without taking much time and effort.

Boiled eggs

This is one of the easiest and common breakfasts that is eaten all around the world. Boiling an egg just requires a person to have the knowledge to boil the water and then place the egg in the water for some time until this egg hardens inside the shell. This is very healthy and also just a pinch of salt and pepper would make it an ideal breakfast for a lazy person.


A widely known breakfast that can be filled in between two bread slices with any amount of toppings and a very wide variety to choose from. This breakfast just requires you have a loaf of bread at home and something that can be put in between two slices.

Even if you just have a slice of cheese along with some vegetables and meat that would be an easy and complete breakfast. Other options like jam, peanut butter, and jelly, butter and cheese can also be sandwiched between the slices of bread.

Fruit salad

People think that making a salad is very time consuming and requires a lot of skill in order to put a salad together. What people don’t understand is that a salad is just a collage of many items on a single plate. In the case of a fruit salad, all you will need are three or four varieties of fruits that have to be sliced into pieces and then tossed into a bowl. According to taste people also add a pinch of pepper or chat masala in their salads to make it spicier.


An egg, a pan, and some cooking oil along with some salt and chili powder are the ingredients required to make an omelet. A lot of varieties can be made with eggs, depending on whether you are having it straight up or with a bread of your choice. Sunnyside up is the easiest type of omelet where the yolk isn’t beaten but the most common technique to make an omelet is to stir up the egg with other ingredients and pour it on to a hot pan.


This is one of the healthiest options for a complete breakfast meal. There are numerous ways in which you can make oats out of which the most preferred way is just to mix the oats with milk and boil it. It will form porridge-like preparation and is rich in protein and fiber.


Preferred worldwide and, without a doubt, the easiest breakfast to make. If you actually think about it then you don’t have to make anything in this breakfast except for open the box of cereal and mix it in a bowl of milk. You can toss in some dry fruits or fresh cut fruits of your choice to make it yummier.