What are some commonly used skin care tools?

Skin care is very important in order to maintain the glow and tightness of the skin. Different kinds of massage tools, exfoliation tools, and cleaning tools are available in the market. This must be borne in the minds that skin is sensitive and the same process must not be followed by everyone as far as skin care is concerned.

Tools To Take Care of the Skin

  • Abrasive Tools: These are used to fill the wart in skin care.

  • Cutting Tools: Used to clip the fingernails and toenails.

  • Saw: It can cut the hard plaster and still not affect the skin.

  • Face Massage Tools: These give the feeling of a spa sitting at home. So relaxing, so fulfilling.

  • Creams: Skin under the eye requires sensitive and soft gel or lotions.

  • Cleansing Tools: Some common cleansing tools available in the market are Clinique sonic system purifying cleansing brush, Philips visa pure advanced, Personal Micro-Derm Pro, Clarisonic Mia Fit White Cleansing Brush, Lancer Microcurrent Power boost and others. These are used to cleanse the skin and provide an unmatchable radiance.

  • Sunscreen: Ultraviolet radiation in the sun's rays can cause early ageing and increased risk of skin cancer. UV exposure can even cause patches of uneven skin tone and dryness in the skin. So, it is important to apply sunscreen.

  • Anti Aging Cream: In order to maintain the elasticity of the skin, apply the anti-ageing cream on the face evenly.

  • Natural Fruits and Vegetables: Face pack like cucumber, lemon, papaya, guava is a bonus for healthy smiling skin.

Our skin is very sensitive and it must be given full care depending upon one’s age and season.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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