What are network based attacks and network security threats?

Let us begin by understanding what network based attacks are.

Network based attacks

The different network-based attacks are as follows −


In this type of network attack, packets of data are captured and monitored by the hacker. These packets flow between server and client. The attacker intercepts the network to read them.

This can actually lead to damage to the data in the organization. This is because it may lead to compromise of private information of the employees, etc.


In this type of attack, passive activities are performed on the network. The attacker starts to listen to the data flowing between various networks and extract private information.

This usually happens when there is a weak connection between two users.


In this attack, the attacker pretends to be a genuine and legitimate party. They use ARP addresses and link their MAC to the victim's IP address.

It makes them gain access to information meant for other IP owners. In a way, spoofing diverts the data flow towards hackers’ computers.

Denial of Service

This is also called a DoS attack. In such an attack, the business or organizational activities are disrupted. This is because the network is flooded with false packets. This makes the network really busy.

Every time a user tries to access something from the server, there is a denial of service. An invalid return is received. Due to the target network being flooded with data packets of false impressions, multiple attack spots are created in the network.

Network Security Threats

The latest network security threats are explained below −

Capital One breach

Online banking company, Capital, realized in 2019 that some of the organizational data had been found stolen. It included many credit card forms, social security numbers, etc.

The attack was started by a person who was working in a top organization. Due to the interaction with big companies, the attacker already had background information about the banking company and it helped in phishing.

Weather channel attack

Weather channels are never expected to cease broadcasting. But it happened when there was a phishing attack. This happened because the television and network boundary had been erased.

Citrix breach

This one is very famous where the company itself creates VPNs for the security of the internet. The passwords of many accounts in the company were breached using brute force.