What are security threats? Differentiate between wired and wireless threats

In computer system and internet technology management, the following may be the security threats

  • Hardware may cause minor threats in most of the situations. It is unable to control the Leaked information.

  • The software threat harms critical data of an organization.

  • Hacking is one of the biggest threats now-a-days. Through malicious programs hackers steal critical information from others.

  • The unauthorized use of personal data is one of the threats.

  • Phishing attacks by malware email to multi-internet users for mid guiding them.

  • Spoofing is also a bigger threat of technology.

Methods to secure a network

Given below are the methods to secure a network −

  • A network can be secured with high quality hardware use as well as secured application software with firewall like program.

  • Anti-virus protection must be installed to the computer system.

  • The server software and system must be password protected.

  • There should be less no. of people involved in the server area. The software must be designed to actively inform the user regarding any possible security threats.

  • Computer systems must be designed so as to be locked automatically at a time when attackers try to steal data from the server.

Wireless Security

Wireless Security is completely dependent on the Network Security from where the Connection is being provided, we have benefits in wireless security as we don’t have the burden of so many wires and can access the network from a particular range.

The advantages of Wireless Connection are as follows −

  • Easy and quick installation.

  • On-the-go monitoring from your cell phone.

  • No bulky, mounted wall monitors in your home.

  • A wireless system is a one-time investment that can be transported from home to home.

  • There are no wires for an intruder to cut.

Wired Security

Wired Security depends on the wire and even at each joint where the wire is connected; any unauthorised person can access the Security if he has the access to the wire of the network.

The advantages of Wired Connection are as follows −

  • Reliable connection.

  • Adds value to your home when trying to sell.

  • Less maintenance over time. No replacement batteries or hardware.

  • Does not pick up any exterior signals or interference.