Network Perimeter Security Design

In the past, experts have discussed various subjects related to security, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls, security rules, and security awareness. Among the other topics, we also discussed security awareness. In addition, we also covered the defense-in-depth strategy of layered security in the discussion. In the following part, we will study how you should build these components in planning a secure network perimeter for a made-up online business. It will take place in the context of the following: The main focus of perimeter security is the protection of networks, which includes the safeguarding of servers, workstations, and databases, amongst other things. If the network can survive any assault, it needs to be built from the ground up with security in mind.

It is required to discover answers to the following three questions to establish a complete plan to protect a network. Those questions are as follows −

What is getting protected?

Identifying the computers, servers, databases, and other infrastructure components that call for heightened security measures is a must.

Which hazards should we watch out for?

The subsequent step must be to separate all potential dangers into the respective categories where they fall. When a computer system is connected to the internet, it is always possible to become the target of an attack. Another source of potential hazard is former workers who have left the organization but still have access to secret corporate information after they have left their positions there.

Business requirements of the organization

One of the criteria for an organization is that its security architecture should follow its overall business objectives. There are requirements. Compared to a website that requires an online presence, an e-Commerce website that performs a more significant volume of online transactions will require a more robust security architecture. It is in contrast to a website that requires an online presence.

Let's go on to the following phase: to devise a plan for the phony e-Commerce website's safety measures, so let's get started. The following are the specifics that will utilize in the process of constructing a secure system −

What are sensitive points?

Customers' birthdays, social security numbers, and credit card information are some of the valuable pieces of data stored in online shops' databases. Always and at all times, must safeguard these databases from unauthorized access.

The website must be available around the clock so that users can use it whenever they want, day or night.

The same may be said for desktop and laptop computers in the workplace.

Certain workers may need access to the company's data remotely for them to be able to do their tasks.

There is no method by which one may subcontract design work to another party.

The company is not very large; thus, few resources are available to be spent on safety precautions. That is because of the relatively small size of the firm.

In light of the circumstances outlined in the previous paragraph, we may decide to create the following architecture for the perimeter security system −

One of the networks will be open to the public, while the other network will be reserved solely for the use of the company's workers. The publicly accessible network will host a wide range of public services, such as web and email servers. Because consumers must use shared servers to place orders over the internet and communicate with one another through email, the services mentioned above must be open to the general public. On the private network will be situated computers and servers that should not be accessible by simply anybody and everyone. That is because they contain sensitive information.

Data Analytics

On its way out to the internet, data traffic coming from an organization must first pass through a border router. It is the first device that it must pass through. This router acts as the "policeman" for your computer network, fending off intrusions from the outside world and ensuring the security of your data. This site is responsible for discarding incoming packets not authorized to be opened. In a separate but related development, IP packets that include errors and are delivered in the other direction will be prohibited. It is essential to prevent even legitimate outbound packets from leaving the network if the servers are intended to be utilized in an attack; otherwise, the assault will succeed. It is because the assault is going to make use of the servers as a weapon.

The so-called "firewall" will be the line of defense against possible dangers. As we've seen, chokepoints on the network are referred to as "firewalls," which is the name of firewalls. Everything that passes through it is obligated to be consistent with the standards it has set. To ensure the privacy of our client's sensitive information, we will adjust the firewall's security settings. As a result, a firewall may be considered a form of access control limiting the quantity of data needed to transmit.


When put into place in conjunction with one another, these safeguards will ensure that the online store is secure regarding the financial transactions conducted by its customers. It is an example of one possible security configuration for the fake internet shop administrator panel. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the security architecture will appear different depending on the type of organization and the goals it tries to achieve. It is something that one must keep in mind at all times. It will help if you continually keep it in mind, so make sure you remember it.

Updated on: 05-May-2023


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