Weight Loss: 6 Ayurveda Remedies To Cut Belly Fat

Who wouldn't love to lose the belly fat and look like a model? But how many are successful in that and for how much time? Undoubtedly belly fat is the most difficult part to lose weight. But Ayurveda has some amazing remedies to cut that stubborn fat from the belly.

Let us look at most wonderful 6 Ayurveda remedies to cut belly fat:

1. Methi (Fenugreek)

The famous Indian spice which is used every day in the kitchen is loaded with wonderful health benefits. It supports digestion and increases the metabolic rate of the body, thereby helping in shedding those extra kilos. The magic is in the Galactomannan, which is a water-soluble component found in methi. This helps to curb your cravings and keeps you fuller for longer. The best way to take the fenugreek seeds is to soak a spoonful in the night and drink the water and chew the soaked seeds in the morning, on empty stomach.

2. Dalchini (Cinnamon)

It is another common spice which we use every day. It also helps in stimulating the body's metabolism and helps in cutting the belly fat. We can sprinkle some cinnamon powder in the first tea of the morning and achieve wonderful results.

3. Punarnava

This amazing herb of Ayurveda is known to be very effective in weight loss process. It has special diuretic properties which help the kidneys and urinary bladder to flush out the toxins out of the body. It helps to lower the chances of water retention and also manages the digestive issues like constipation.

4. Guggul

Guggul is one of the well known and oldest herb that is used in Ayurvedic medicines. It contains a plant sterol known as guggulsterone, which stimulates the metabolic rate of the body. It is known to lower cholesterol. It can be taken easily with tea and enjoy great benefits of weight loss.

5. Vijaysar

The bark of the Vijaysar tree is used in various Ayurvedic medicines to manage diabetes and obesity. It has wonderful fat reducing properties that help to shed off that stubborn belly fat.

6. Triphala

Triphala is also one of such herbs which helps to eliminate toxins from the body and rejuvenates the digestive system. Triphala is an ancient preparation made using three dried fruits including Amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki. This can be taken once a day with hot water, either half an hour before breakfast or two hours after dinner.