Waking Up: Famous Coma Survivors

What is a coma?

I'll start with easy to understand metaphor and then the scientific part.

Coma = Life, death.

The Coma between Life and death can be related word Comatose or Aka Coma.

A person who is asleep and unable to be woken, who fails to respond typically too painful stimuli, light, or sound, who lacks a usual wake-sleep cycle, and who does not begin intentional acts is said to be in a coma, which is derived from the Greek word koma, which means "deep slumber." Comatose is the term used to describe a person who is unconscious or in a coma situation.

A person is often regarded as in a coma if they cannot open their eyes on their own, do not have a regular sleep-wake cycle, and are unresponsive to intense tactile (painful) or vocal stimulation.

A "coma" is a symptom and not a medical diagnosis

In other words, if you're asking someone, "What's wrong with Rajesh?" and they answer, "He's in a coma," they have described his condition but not stated what is wrong with him.

A coma is a prolonged medical state of unconsciousness.

How unconscious people are in a coma can vary from case to case. To the outside world, the person does not appear to react to external stimuli and seems to be in a constant state of "sleeping."

One might think that the comatose (unconscious) individual is unaware of their surroundings, which is frequently the case. However, depending on what induced the coma, the person may hear whatever is said or done around them.

Many different factors can cause a coma

For example, it could be the result of

  • An injury to the brain;

  • A disease;

  • A drug or alcohol overdose;

  • A medical intervention in which a coma is induced to keep a patient alive;

There are various cases where people recover from a coma; there is no particular time to wake up. For instance, these famous persons were in comas and recovered. It will include exceptional coma cases and various famous persons and their experiences in a coma.

After 27 years, a woman wakes up from a coma!

Munira Abdulla, a woman living in Abu Dhabi, was hit by a bus while picking up her 4-y/o son from school in 1991 (Courtesy: NYTIMES & NYPOST). Her son was alive and okay in the accident, but she suffered a severe brain injury leading her to a coma. She was in a coma for 27 years!!

She was hospitalized immediately. The doctor, in an interview, said: "Our primary goal was to grant her fragile consciousness the opportunity to develop and prosper within a healthy body, just like a delicate plant which needs good soil to grow."

Little by little, time passed, and her son and her family never lost hope; then, one evening, stunning the medical team and everyone. She woke up.

She could answer questions and recite prayers; today, she can have conversations and tell people when she's in pain. She set an example of not leaving hope and holding on to others. She is the prime example of patients and patience in a coma. 

A father who overcame a 19-year coma! 

Terry Wayne Wallis, an American man, had an automobile accident in 1984 (Courtesy: Technology Review) that led to significant bodily and brain injuries. After hospitalizing, he soon fell into a coma.

Within a year following the accident, the coma stabilized into a minimally conscious state, but the condition was thought to be irreversible by the medical community.

The doctors had little to no hope regarding Wasllis's condition. Still, while proving them wrong, Wallis' brain had made new connections while rewiring itself throughout his lengthy time of darkness, providing new knowledge on how the brain functions and recovers.

He was a Legend, reporters from around the world came to interview him, and scientists were busy collecting data on how he recovered his brain naturally.

Sadly, he passed away, aged 57 years old, on March 29, 2022.

A Hollywood celebrity who suffered a coma! 

Martin Lawrence, An American comedian and actor well-established in the Hollywood industry slipped into a coma due to heat exhaustion while exercising at 34. (Courtesy: CBSNEWS & EW)

Officials said: He's becoming increasingly responsive, and we're very encouraged that he's come out of his coma.

He was in a coma for three days straight. Being a celebrity and surviving a coma impacted many patients worldwide.


These cases are all examples of how a coma is terrifying and how terrifying it can be to face if your family or friend is going through this phase. They are also examples of how to wait, be patient, and hold on to them, treating them and nourishing them well. These people inspired many, and I hope it inspires more.

Updated on: 08-Feb-2023


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