Types of Fashion Designs

The act of creating something new, unique, and meaningful is known as design. So, fashion design is a technique of creating new and trendy dresses, jewelry, footwear, and other related accessories, including hand-bags, belts, goggles, and many more. Fashion design is not a static term, but rather it keeps changing with time. Therefore, fashion design needs a creative mind that can create innovative and attractive designs regularly.

Types of Fashion Designs

The areas of fashion design are pretty wide as well as diversified; therefore, to have specialized study, fashion design is categorized as:

Let’s discuss each one of them in brief:

Apparel Design

When we talk about fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is apparel or dress design. So, apparel design is the first category of fashion design. Apparel in itself covers a very wide area of apparel designs and, hence, it is further categorized as men’s wear, women’s wear, and kids' wear on the basis of sex. Kid’s wear is also included in this category, as it is becoming an entirely separate area of fashion studies.

On the other hand, based on the type of dress, it is categorized as:

Haute Couture: Having the French origins and it is usually seen on the runways of Paris, France. Haute Couture is typically a customized design tailored only for a few people (usually of special class). Or in other words, it is an individualised design and one-of-a-kind dress made for (usually) one person. It is designed based on an individual’s specific choice, suggestion, requirement, and occasion.

Haute couture is a French term and its literal meaning is "high dressmaking." Originally, it was applied to custom-made clothing, which was tailored for individual clients, such as government officials, businessmen, actors, and other high-profile celebrities.

Ready-to-Wear: Also known as "prêt-à-porter," ready-to-wear clothing is produced for mass; this is the reason that it is also called "high street fashion." Fashion designers first create designs, and then, based on those creative designs, dresses are tailored in factories. The fitting of such dresses is based on sizes, so customers hardly need alteration. They can choose the dress according to their sizes. Some people also put it in the category of "fast fashion," as it is readily available in wearable form.

Economic Fashion: Also known as mass market, it is low budget apparels, manufactured for the economic class people or the people of lower income group. It is manufactured in large quantities for the people of lower income groups. The prices of such dresses are comparatively very low. The type and quality of fabrics used in making these garments are also low, and they are not environment friendly.

Accessory Design

In this category, there are various products such as footwear, handbags, belts, goggles, etc. Like apparel, it is a big market and all these products are designed and manufactured, varying from very high-class to very low-class. For example, a pair of designer’s shoes may be 500 or 600 $; on the other hand, there are shoes of the same design, which one can buy for merely in a few dollars. So, like apparel, accessory designs also have a wide range.

Jewelry Design

In today’s world, jewelry design is also trendy. It is a specialized branch of fashion design where only jewelry design is being taught.


Moreover, fashion design is categorized primarily on the basis of areas of specialized study. Based on their interests, students of fashion studies can choose any topic from the available choices.



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Updated on: 13-Oct-2022


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