What are the designs of limit gauges?

The guidelines for designing a gauge should be carefully done. The form of go gauges should exactly combine with each other so that the mating parts can fit into each other properly. These gauges, especially the go gauges should enable simultaneous checking of several dimensions and must be used for the maximum amount of time. Then the no gauges should be able to check the number of dimensions at any time. It must be taken care of and given the maximum amount of possibility.

Material for Guages

  • The materials to be considered for gauges should have good properties. The material used for gauge design should be very corrosive and should have resistant properties. The conditions should match and have sufficient hardness to resist wear.

  • The parts for the consideration of the gauges which are to be held in the hand should be having very low thermal conductivity. The gauges should be stable enough so that its sizes and shapes will not after a long period of time also.

  • The gauge material should be having low coefficient so that there is a linear expansion to avoid the effects of temperature. The ability of machines should enable it to be machined easily into the required shape and the required degree of accuracy is obtained. High carbon steel is used because it has good quality and is used for manufacturing processes. Then a suitable heat treatment is selected which can produce a high degree of hardness and it is efficient and has stability.

Manufacturing Tolerance

  • Manufacturing tolerance is very important because it should be able to produce the parts in bulk. Generally, these gauges cannot be manufactured to exact sizes because the limits of the gauges are closer or expensive.

  • The gauge is also in some variations which cannot be eliminated due to imperfections of the process and the skill of the worker also counts. There should be some allowance made and provided so that the gauge mark is used for manufacturing gauges. These gauge tolerances are also called gauge maker's tolerance.

  • The gauge tolerance should be kept as small as possible because it will increase the cost of the manufacturing processes. A policy should be standardized for the amount of gauge tolerance. The gauge tolerances are normally provided with limit gauges so that the amount of work tolerance can be decreased.

Wear Tolerance

  • Wear tolerance is made exactly to the amount of maximum material limit. The size of the dimension to be measured is the slightest wear of the gazing member will cause the gauge size to pass the design limit of the necessary objects.

  • This condition will be applied to require the gauge to be retired. Then it can be discarded later if there is no use for it. It is customary to provide a certain amount of wear when the gauge needs to check the dimensions. The product will contain some wear tolerance in the end.