Bags: Types & Designs

The most common accessory item carried by women is a bag. They are available in many distinct styles and can be worn on numerous occasions. Quality and style continue to be among the most important factors that women take into account, even though the frequency with which some women were enthusiastic about carrying a new bag depending on where they were going has somehow decreased. Women typically opt for everyday bags that are high-quality, fashionable on the outside, and able to hold basics like their phones, keys, wallets, and other necessities. Every season, new, fashionable bags appear, leaving ladies with an abundance of options.

What is the Meaning of Bag?

A typical tool that takes the form of a flexible container is a bag. Bags have been used since before written history; the earliest known bags were simply lengths of animal skin, cotton, or woven plant fibres folded at the corners and held in place with strings made of the same material.

Types of Bags

The list of different bag types and styles for everyday wear is provided below.

Hand Bag

This is the classic medium-sized ladies’ purse that every woman needs to have. This is a purse that can accommodate the necessities while still looking stylish.


Other names for this bag include bookbag, kitbag, knapsack, pack, sackpack, or backsack; it is a robust bag carried on the back of the body with two straps. Rucksacks, which are big backpacks used for travel, are common.

Messenger Bag

The front of these medium-sized bags is flapped. It is typically worn cross-body and has a long strap. These bags are also known as courier bags


This bag is rectangular and has a flap with a single or double buckle that fastens at the front. Typically, they are hung low on the body and feature a lengthy strap.

Duffle Bag

This bag has rounded corners and flat sides, and it closes with a top zip. It’s a sizable, spacious bag.

Hobo Bag

This is a sizable bag with a slouchy shape made of soft fabrics. Due to the way it slumps when set down or carried, it is distinguished by a crescent shape under the handle. This bag is easily identified as a casual carry-all because of its distinctive shape.

Tote Bag

Most girls consider these bags, which are rectangular in design and constructed of tougher materials like canvas or leather, to be “the shopping must-have.” This bag has fairly short-to-medium handles and ample space for the majority of women’s shopping needs.

Bucket Bag

This bag has long handles, a drawstring closure, and a flat bottom. This medium-sized bag has a relaxed aesthetic and is a current fashion trend with great carry-all appeal.

Laptop Bag

As the name implies, it features compartments to carry a laptop and its accessories. It has a rectangular shape and short and long handles for shoulder carrying.

Doctor’s Bag

Originally, doctors used this big bag to transport their supplies during house calls. They are very roomy and have a frame at the top and a flat bottom.


A pouch is a tiny drawstring bag used for holding trinkets and other small items. A compact flat purse with a zippered opening is also referred to as a zipper pouch.


Wristlets are miniature handbags with short, bracelet-like carrying straps.

Bowler Bag

The name of the bag was inspired by bowling ball bags, and it is a medium-sized bag with short handles. The bag has a distinctive dome-shaped top.

Shoulder Bag

This is a bag that you hang on your shoulder; they are also known as sling bags in their smaller guise. Satchels and saddle bags are examples of shoulder bags.

Beach Bag

Large plastic bags with waterproof seals that are used for carrying items to the beach

Saddle Bag

These bags have a flap and long cross-body straps; they resemble the bags that were once hung from a horse’s saddle, thus the name. Some bikes and bicycles have saddlebags added to them.


Without handles or a strap, a clutch is a small, flat handbag that is meant to be held in the hand

Phone Bag

This purse can only fit a phone and a few trinkets

Foldover Bags

The top of the bag in this style folds over itself to resemble a flap. This bag’s benefit is that its lengthy straps allow for flexible expansion.

Makeup Cases

These little zip-up pouches are used to transport cosmetics.

String Bag

These bags, which could be a backpack or a pouch, feature a drawstring closure on top

Grocery Bag or Shopping Bag

There is no need to introduce the large shopping bag. Typically composed of cloth or plastic, they can hold almost anything you buy at the store.


This is a jewellery case that serves as a bag, though not precisely a bag. They have a top closure and a hinged frame. They frequently include a shoulder strap and are covered in beads and gems.

Barrel Bag

An enormous cylindrical bag, also called a gym bag. This bag is large and is available in several sizes.

Baguette Bags

This is a little, compact purse with a short strap that has become synonymous with the Fendi brand. This bag is named after a particular sort of long, narrow bread called a baguette because of how it is shaped.

Backpacks for Cameras

These backpacks include slots inside for carrying the camera equipment.

Lunch Bags

There is one practicality you shouldn’t overlook when carrying all these other bags: food. You must bring lunch to work, school, picnics, etc. in your very own lunch bag to avoid damaging the interior of your other bags. You may prefer a premium insulated cooler lunch bag with a vinyl lining inside over a basic one that is constructed only of cloth.

Kelly Bag

A leather bag that resembles a satchel and has a unique metal clasp at the front is frequently used for professional purposes. One of the most recognised and sought-after bags in the world is the Hermes Kelly bag.

Basket Bag

These bags resemble baskets and have a flat bottom.

Fanny Pack

This is a little pouch or bag that is fastened to a belt that is fastened around the waist. It is also known as a belt bag or a bum bag.


Some people’s obsession with bags is so intense that they’d even spend more to purchase some luxury bags than it would cost to buy a car. And one accessory the majority of us cannot live without is a bag. One incorrect argument for this obsession with bags holds that it is women’s competitive nature that drives them to purchase the model that is better and more expensive than the model wearing it. According to one idea, bags appeal to the aesthetic side of women and men because they are attractive. Whatever your motivation for purchasing a bag, its beauty and usefulness make it a must-have item. This explains why there are so many different types of bags; there is a different type of bag for every occasion.

Updated on: 10-Apr-2023


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