Types of Fashion Styles

Fashion is a dynamic term that keeps changing. Interestingly, such a change could be progressive, which means keep creating a new and unique design; or it could be regressive, because sometimes fashion designers, with or without modification, bring back the old fashion or style into the market. For example, introducing the 1960s style in the 2000s, though it is old, since it has been reinforced by a few movie stars or fashion models or by any such celebrity, such an old-fashioned design has again become popular.

Likewise, designs could be of dozens of types; therefore, they have been given some names, such as classical fashion, street wear fashion, casual fashion, etc. So, in this article, we will study the major types of fashion styles.

Types of Fashion Style

Following are some of the most popular fashion designs:

Classic Style

Classic is a formal-cum traditional style. It is a kind of style that experiences less changes and is more acceptable by society at large. Specifically, in an office, business meeting, or in any such official presentation, people prefer to wear a classic style. For example, for men, they prefer simple pants, shirts, blazers, or suits, and for women, they prefer plane suits or saris. It also has limited color options and no printed or multi-color.

Formal Style

It is official dress. People at different work places prefer to or are asked to wear. For example, school dress, office dress, and uniforms. Formal dresses have very limited options in terms of designs as well as in terms of color choices. Such dresses are not available in multi-color or print designs. The difference between classic and formal style is – classic style is usually of one type and it has no official code, but formal dress is basically a dress code, as different schools have different dress codes, different offices have different dress codes, for example, uniform of police, uniform of traffic police, uniform of defiance service men, etc. Secondly, wearing a classic style is a choice, but wearing a formal style is mandatory.

Vintage Style

Vintage fashion refers to clothing that is 50 years old or older. Some people do not follow the trend, but rather prefer to stay with their old age fashion. For example, baggy trousers, big-colored shirts, long frocks, etc. are the vintage style. Sometimes, it is also known as' retro style.’

Ethnic Style

An ethnic style is a unique dress design, as it is based on a geographic region or/and socio-cultural specificity. Every geographic region or society has its own culture and tradition, and the people of a particular region wear dresses of a particular style. For example, Rajasthani kurta, pagadi, and dhoti for men; Gujarati ghaghara and choli for women; etc.

Casual Style

In fact, when you wear something that has no specific design, but is comfortable to wear even for long hours, it is known as "casual style." Since, it has no specific combination, design, or color; therefore, it cannot be worn in office, but rather people prefer to wear in home, while walking, while going for shopping, or while doing any such unofficial work, i.e., meeting with friends, playing out-door game, etc. Popular dresses in this style are jeans, t-shirts, lowers, track suits, joggers, etc.

Sporty style

Usually, people while doing some casual activities or some other work-out, such as cycling, playing outdoor games, tracking, etc., prefer to wear something comfortable and easy to wear; so, for this purpose, a specific style is designed, which is known as the "sporty style." For example, track suits, jerseys, track, sports shoes, etc.

Bohemian Style

The bohemian style is very unique in itself, as it breaks the conventional style not only in terms of designing the dresses, but also in terms of using the materials to make the dresses. In addition to this, in such a style, people wear a combination of fabrics, sea shells, threads, feathers, etc. People largely use natural elements in their raw form, or in other words, without processing (through machines). It is a part of hippie culture, and people following this style, live carelessly and cool.

Street Style

Though it sounds weird, but it is a pretty trendy style that was born on the streets of Paris, France; New York City, the United States; Tokyo, Japan; and Mumbai, India. The youngsters transformed street wear into trendy and fashionable, which has no dress code. For example, t-shirt and jeans; skirt and top; etc.

Grunge Style

Like street style, grunge style also has no rules as it comprises of unkempt hairstyles, black boots, tight or tattered pants, etc. The dresses are oversized or have any design or printed image on them.

Punk Style

It is typical rock band player style, such as wearing leather jackets, colored hairstyles, body piercings, etc. In fact, it represents multi-cultural styles.

Gothic Style

It is typical dark, mysterious, and smoky style. People living in the gothic style usually wear dark-colored dresses. At some youth parties, youngsters prefer to wear it.

Artsy style

It is a unique style, as it represents usually handmade dress. In addition to this, it also reflects an individual’s taste and what unique style he or she likes to show. Sometimes, a few people design their dresses by themselves to look entirely different.


Likewise, these are a few world-wide known fashion styles that people in one or other regions wear. On the other hand, some dresses are of such type that are regularly worn by society at large, for example, formal, classic, casual, etc. On the other hand, some dresses are of such types, which are occasion-specific, region-specific, or even season-specific, for example, ethnic wear, street style, punk style, bohemian style, etc.



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