Types of Fashion Designers

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Fashion design is the art of applying creative, innovative, and acceptable design to clothing and also to some other related accessories. And, the person who does this is known as a fashion designer. So, fashion designers are the people who creatively design different types of dresses, such as suits for men as well as for women, shirts, kurtis, pants, ethnic dresses, and other related accessories, which include shoes, sandals, belts, handbags, jewelry, goggles, etc. But usually, one person designs only one type of dress or jewelry, or only handbags, or may be combination of two. Based on his or her specialization, there are different types of fashion designers. So, in this article, we will discuss different types of fashion designers.

Who are the Fashion Designers?

A person who designs clothing, suits, jewelry, footwear, and other such accessories is known as a fashion designer. The specialty of a fashion designer is not only to create something creative and new, but also it has to be meaningful and accepted by the people, as ultimately people will be the end users of that design.

What does a Fashion Designer Do?

Primarily, fashion designers design suits, dresses (of different types) and other related accessories, which must be attractive as well as comfortable. Likewise, fashion designers not only create new and eye-catching designs, but through their designs, they attempt to enhance the look of the person who is going to wear that particular dress. To perform such types of responsible work, fashion designers also conduct different types of research and study the fashion trends of different geographic regions, along with socio-cultural preference and likeness. They also study their target customers for whom they intend to create designs.

Likewise, a fashion designer needs to understand the quality of fabrics, different methods of designing possible on a particular type of fabric, cutting technique, sewing technique, price fixing and controlling, market value, and the likeness and choices of their customers.

Types of Fashion Designers

Based on their specialization and work area, fashion designers can be categorized as:

Haute Couture Designers

Such designers are high-profile designers, as they create innovative designs for high-profile people, including ministers, higher government officers, businessmen, actors, and other such high-profile people. Haute Couture designers design based on an individual’s requirements, so their earnings are very high.

Mass Market Designers

Mass Market Designers design dresses for people at large. Their customers are middle-class people. The prices of dresses are reasonable and people can comfortably buy them. These designs are common, and in one season, one design remains common, as most people wear dresses of the same design.

Sportswear Designers

These designers design dresses exclusively for different sports people including runners, swimmers, athletes, tennis players, football players, cricket players, volleyball players, and all other sportspeople.

Footwear Designers

These designers design different types of men’s and women’s shoes, sandals, slippers, and other ethnic footwear.

Jewelry Designers

Jewelry designers design different types of jewelry for women, such as earrings, nose rings, neckless, rings, and many other types of jewelry that women wear.

Kids Wear Designers

These days, fancy dresses for kids are pretty popular. Many parents are much concerned about their kids’ dresses, so, they always prefer to buy designer dresses. Amidst all, the kids' fashion shows and many reality programs on TV have promoted fashion among kids. So, kids' wear designers design fancy dresses for both male and female kids. Career in kids' wear designing is very bright.

Other Accessories Designers

In this category, all those designers come who design handbags, belts, footwear, goggles, etc.


These are some of the most popular types of fashion designers on national and international levels, but there are many other fashion designers on state and local levels whose designing work is equally valuable. So, the career prospect in fashion designing is pretty attractive and secure.


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