Type-C Port in Computer Network

The Type-C Port is a new connection device for the power supply and also for the movement of data between electronic devices. It is also known as a USB-C port. It is an upgraded version of the preceding USB connectors. It is commonly used in mobile phones, the newest laptops, and tablets for charging purposes recently. With the invention of this USB standard fast charging was made possible among smartphones.

USB-C connectors are also used for transferring data among different devices. By using USB-C connectors data can be carried faster than the older standards of USB connectors. It also replaced the dominance of Thunderbolt and Display-port in data transferring. It is under preparation to replace the old standards like USB-A and USB-B used in the other devices.

Type-C Port (USB-C Port)

The USB-A and USB-B connectors have different sizes compared to USB-C. Like these, different-shaped connectors for devices were a problem in data transfer or power supply. With the upgradation of USB-C, much more convenience was brought into society. The introduction of Type-C port led to a single standard with each device capable of.

Interestingly USB-C port has dominated the thunderbolt port, even though the latter is speedier. Similarly, the display port has also lost to the USB-C port, even though the former is more convenient to use.

While considering the different versions(standards) of USB, it is known that USB-C has a data transfer rate of 10Gbps, which is 20 times faster than that of the earlier version of USB-A and also two times speedier than that of USB-A.

In the case of smartphones, 18W, and 33W chargers are common. This advancement was due to the introduction of USB-C ports. Nowadays 120W and 200W are available in the industry of smartphones, making the human-life easier than before.

To charge a phone or tablet, 2.5 watts of power is enough. Thus, the earlier standard USB-B was also used for this purpose. But with the advancement of USB-C, more power flow was possible, that is up to 100 watts. This feature paved the use of USB-C for laptop charging.

The backward compatibility doesn’t lie in different USB standards, which means, USB-C cannot be connected to the older standards and vice-versa. Here, with the use of an adapter the older standard devices can directly be connected to the USB-C.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Type-C Port

The introduction of Type-C Port (USB-C Port) has also come up with some advantages and disadvantages. A few of them are listed below.


1. Small in size

It is known that the USB-C Port is small in size compared to the other standards. Such smallness makes it more convenient to be used and also works with smaller gadgets. It is a 24-pin double-sided connecter, having dimensions of 8.4, 2.6, and 6.65 millimeters.

2. Reversible

Previously, people have come across the problem of which side of the connector is being fitted to the device properly. USB-C has made a spectacular change to this scenario, where both sides can be used similarly. Here, one doesn’t have to flip the port to get the right orientation.

3. More power flow

As mentioned earlier, the power supply rate has made human life more convenient because of the time-saving. Also, since more power flow is detected in USB-C ports, it has been widely used in new laptops.

4. Flexible

This can be used with the older standards of USBs along with an adapter and can also be used with the standards like Thunderbolt and display port. This makes them more compatible.

5. More data transfer rate

The USB-C is several times faster than that of its old standards like USB-A and USB-B and it is more convenient for data transfer.

6. Safer

Due to the different structure, the USB-C is more secure than its older standards.


1. Incompetence

Even though USB-C is much better compared to the older standards, many devices are still non-competent with it, that is, USB-C is not supported there.

2. Malware risk

Though the USB-C is a convenient one, there is a hidden risk. The malware can easily be entered into the device if it is not properly taken care of.

3. Getting loose

Frequent use of USB-C may get loose and makes the desired function get distracted.


The introduction of the Type-C port was a revolutionary move in the field of technology Its introduction has led to many useful purposes and made human life more convenient. Although it has more advantages, there also exist some limitations. The efficient use of USB-C always makes human life easier.

Updated on: 12-Apr-2023


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