Top New Skills Needed in the World of Digitization

In the quick changing digital world, where we are carrying digital money, shopping online, calling through VOIP and constantly being online all the time, it is difficult to work without digitization. To become an outstanding IT professional in this digital world, we may require more skills than before. Here we have identified few skills which are in high demand in the market.

AI/Machine Learning Researcher

The machine language was always there but never in demand. Research improvements to machine learning algorithms will be one of the hot skills of the future. The knowledge of machine language and Artificial Intelligence has become a high paying requirement. It is expected that the candidate has either a very good experience or is holding a PhD degree in the same domain.

AI Software Developer

AI has always been an attractive field in technology. AI, Aritificial Intelligence, refers to developing the systems and infrastructure that can apply machine learning to an input data set. This is just like any other software engineering position, but needs specialized skills. This requires pretty good knowledge of mathematics and machine language.

Human Interaction Designer

Interaction design is a process in which designers focus on creating engaging web interfaces with logical and well-thought-out behavior and actions. Successful interactive design uses technology and principles of good communication to create desired user experiences. In today’s fast paced world, it is important to create the illustrations which are more near to the real stuff. If you have a good interest in designing and has good knowledge of the tools, you can opt for this field.

Machine Learning Applier

This involves applying a machine learning knowledge or AI framework to a specific problem in the different domains. For example, applying machine learning to gesture recognition, ad analysis or fraud detection. This involves usage of Artificial intelligence in day to day lives. If you are already working in the target area, you can do this with a little guidance from someone familiar with the framework you want to use.

Full-stack Developers

This refers to someone who is developing end-to-end applications from front end to business logic to back end. This means the designing and development of the application and writing the inner logic to integrate the front end with back end. A full-stack developer doesn’t need to master all the areas and technologies. He just needs to be comfortable working with those technologies. He/ She should be able to integrate and modify the existing code. This skill is in demand in IT product companies.

3D Designers

3D printing relies heavily on designers who can take a product idea and translate it into something that can feasibly be brought to life with the 3D effects. Thanks to its growth, 3D printing will create jobs for 3D designers at 3D printing firms, in companies as part of creative teams and as freelancers. This skill is very much in demand. There are multiple tools available in the market to help the designers.

Content Engineers

Content engineering is the practice of consolidating the shape, structure and application of content. Content engineering can be divided down into five primary sections – model, metadata, markup, schema and taxonomy. The content strategist plans for the creation, publication and governance of useful, usable content. This is high in demand due to lots of companies moving up to publish the content online.

Data Fluency Experts

With so much data around us, utilizing this data in right direction is very important. The future workforce will need to develop the ability to work with data and make data-based decisions. All the big MNCs are already working in full force to build a workforce with solid skills in data analysis and presentation. With right data analysis, the organizations are making huge amount of profit. It is really important to find the person with right data skills.

Out-of-the-box Thinkers

To keep the market moving, it is really important to get the right ideas. The new out of the box ideas are taking organizations on a great trip to success. The skill to think out of the box is always appreciated. Some great inventions happened due to thinking out of the box. Organizations are relying high in breaking the market using such niche ideas. If you are a start-up, you need to offer something new in the market to capture your customer base.

People Skills Manager

Last and foremost, the most important skill is the people skills. The people skill is the base on which everything is build up. Building people skills in the terms of people management, coordinating with others, collaboration, etc. will also be instrumental in maintaining your social and emotional intelligence. Your buyers, your suppliers, your customers, your employees, everyone around you is getting impacted with your success and failure in the market. Hence, it is very important to have the right people skills.

These are the few skills which are in high demand in the market and they are going to stay for a while. Building up these skills will give you an edge in your career. They will bring you ahead in the race. Encash them while they last.

karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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