What is more important in today's world qualification or soft skills?

There is no denying in the fact that both qualification and soft skills are essential to move forward in our journey of life nowadays. Nobody can admit that only one out of these is sufficient and if someone, by chance feels so, he or she is mistaken.

Importance of Qualification

  • Our qualification plays a major role in case there is a job that requires candidates with M.B.A. or B.Tech. Now, how can someone, who does not have these degrees get a job there? A good qualification improves our chances of secure and settled life in the future.

  • A good qualification is a must nowadays. Qualification or Hard skills can be easily learned from the classroom, books, or training materials. It can easily be developed from a higher level of IQ.

Importance of Soft Skills

  • Soft skills are subjective skills that relate to the way you interact with other people. Thus, in order to be slightly ahead in the mad rat race and in order to have that zeal with you throughout in all walks of life, you should possess essential soft skills like Self-promotion, Communication, Negotiation, Networking, Flexibility, and Leadership.

  • These will not only help one get a good job but also will change one's attitude towards life.

Thus, success in life comes through a blend of both Qualification and Soft skills. They both go hand in hand in helping one to step up the ladder of success.