What Are the 5 Most Important New Skills for a Digital Marketer?

Because of its size, the digital sector can be challenging for novices and marketers looking for a niche. Knowing the most effective data analysis tools, as well as being an SEO and content marketing pro If you don't concentrate on the things that are crucial to your business, there is still a lot to be done thus far.

When older abilities are less in demand, a competent digital marketer can change rapidly, pick up new skills on their own, and even be open to transitioning to other digital vocations. Since you will be working with many teams and clients, you must be able to effectively communicate and form cohesive teams.

The great news is that marketers with flexible digital skills are in demand on a global scale. According to DMI's Perpetual Evolution research report, talent and technology are guiding the future of digital marketing for companies wanting to hire marketers with digital competence. Never forget to use and improve both your soft as well as hard abilities as you advance to fascinating new roles.

5 Important Digital Marketer Skills

How do you stand out from the crowd and fast climb the corporate ladder, especially if you want to become a successful freelancer or digital nomad? See the critical specialty competencies listed below.

1. Video Marketing

There are no stopping videos from dominating the internet. Eight out of ten consumers make a purchase after watching a brand's video on social media, proving that consumers adore video. 93% of his marketers say video is an essential component of their strategy, and 87% believe it offers a favorable return on investment (ROI), according to a report by The State of Video Marketing.

The point is that the majority of statistics indicate substantially higher conversions, engagement, and SEO rankings when it comes to videos. These are only rough statistics that will vary depending on whom you ask. What about you appeals to people so much? because it is specific and important. People are more likely to trust your company if they can glimpse your face (or the face of the individual advertising your brand). Also, it is an incredibly adaptable material that can be used across a variety of platforms. Consider the popularity of Instagram and the quick growth of TikTok.

Online marketers do not need to be skilled in video production. But if you want to make films on your own, learning how to do so without paying a pro is a terrific place to start. Promo and Camtasia are two excellent tools he created that can assist you in this. Videos are constantly needed, so if you have expertise in this field and enjoy what you do, your skills are not wasted. Try a video editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro X if you want to learn more.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO), which is critical for all levels of the industry, is something that everybody who works in the area of digital marketing should have a fundamental awareness of. A tech-savvy team member can handle extremely complex back-end work, but knowing how SEO actually functions and utilizing the finest SEO tools is a digital must for a marketing campaign to be effective. It is crucial to have a solid understanding of best practices and content optimization.

Both SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) have an impact on the complete digital strategy at the data and content levels. She must therefore be able to discuss it with her colleagues and cannot advance without learning the fundamentals and comprehending the relationship between her SEM and SEO.

3. Content Marketing

Digital marketing is centered on content, and content marketing will continue to play a significant role in the gaming industry. Yet creating engaging material is difficult in and of itself. For him to effectively attract and convert audiences, he must learn how to produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content for a variety of media.

A further problem is that material can come in a variety of formats, including videos, social media posts, emails, site content, blogs, e-books, movies, and white papers. The list continues. Also, you should be well-versed in social media marketing since social platform content is crucial. Be motivated by six international companies that excel in content marketing.

4. Data Analytics

Analytics is an essential component of every digital marketing strategy and supports better, data-driven marketing decisions. The hard part is to gather and apply the gathered data to understand customer behavior and develop solutions that enhance traffic and conversion rate. Reporting and monitoring using tools like Google Analytics are fairly simple.

Large digital marketers need to know how to gather and use that data to their advantage because most firms (even tiny ones) have a tonne of data to track. Businesses are constantly looking for employees who not only have the marketing expertise to "read" data but who also have the knowledge to extract value from client data to enhance future initiatives. It will be a significant industry asset if you can show that you're capable of accomplishing this in a creative way that results in campaign success. Keep in mind that you don't have to limit your analytics to a single platform.

5. Design Thinking & Planning

The phrase "design thinking" explains or describes the process of tackling a challenge from a user-centric angle. In essence, this strategy promotes human-centered problem-solving while tackling significant, complicated issues. The Interaction Design Foundation states that there are five basic steps to the process.

Develop, define, create, test, and empathize. This is effective because it emphasizes the user experience, which is essential for the success of digital marketing. This method's ability to be applied in non-linear ways is another intriguing feature. For instance, you might start the testing process and then go back and review your concepts in the intermediate phases. This kind of technique is probably used by designers and developers, therefore it's a good idea to at least comprehend it well in order to flare up your marketing portfolio and use it when appropriate. increase.

6. Being Tech Savvy

You should have a solid knowledge of technology as well as be able to pick it up quickly because this sector is heavily dependent on it. Being a digital native can come naturally to millennials and younger generations, whereas older generations must learn to handle not only specific technology but also often employed software and tools. It might be best to take your time.

It's also helpful to have an understanding of the technical abilities needed for marketing, such as the fundamentals of web development and a firm grasp of content management system (CMS) usage. For instance, if he knew the appropriate methods and got the job of his dreams, he might modify a CMS like WordPress, which is used by a third of websites, to boost his SEO.

7. Be Persuasive

Together with having excellent interpersonal skills, successful digital marketers are also able to solve problems creatively and analytically. It assists your team in developing creative marketing campaign concepts that will advance your company.

Good persuasive and influence abilities are crucial to this. Can you persuade someone to purchase your goods? How can you persuade the opposing team's leader that your suggestion is the best? It is not just about debating but it is in regards to demonstrating your conviction that you are an expert in your field.


A digital marketing manager's job is varied, engaging, and filled with many duties. The Digital Marketing Manager credential can teach you a lot of things, from diverse marketing mediums to customer management skills and strategic thinking, in conjunction with the necessary communication skills and people-connection abilities.

If you think that this would be a rewarding career path for you, you can use this list as a jumping-off point to learn more about each duty on this list. It is advised that you possess a fundamental understanding of each talent in a given field. Be aware that while technical information and abilities can be learned, the traits and characteristics needed to do so cannot. Give both the development of soft and hard talents top priority.

Updated on: 05-Apr-2023


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