Status register of 8257

The status register is of length 8-bits wide. The processor can only read but not write and it is only selected when CS* is 0, A3-0 is 1000, and IOR* is 0.

About the present state of 8257 the information about the status is provided. The five blocks are important others are marked 0 since they are not in use.

1 = Update in progress
0 = Update not in progress
1 = TC reached for Channel n (n = 0–3)
0 = TC not yet reached for Channel n

Fig: Interpretation of the contents of the status register

The read operation of the status register is not affected by the UD flag bit. The UD flag is made to 0 under the conditions namely

  • By resetting to 0 the AULD bit in the control register is disabled by the auto loaded feature.

  • Also after completing the UD cycle.

The bits ranging from TC3-0 to works under the following conditions.

  • When 8257 is made to reset

  • The processor reads the status register.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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