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SEO Secrets of Google: Expired Domains & 301 Redirects

Created by Zach Miller, Last Updated 10-Dec-2019, Language:English

SEO Secrets of Google: Expired Domains & 301 Redirects

Buying an expired domain and using 301 redirects correctly boosts rankings to Page 1 - learn WHY this will always work!

Created by Zach Miller, Last Updated 10-Dec-2019, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • You'll know the basics of 30X Redirects(SEO secrets).
  • You'll know how to redirect any page or website using a variety of methods in this SEO Secrets tutorial.
  • You'll know how to code the 301, 302 & 307 redirects through your .htaccess in this SEO Secrets tutorial.
  • You'll know how to use these redirects to YOUR ADVANTAGE and get higher SEO rankings in Google.
  • You'll know how to transfer 100% of your SEO link building from one website to another.
  • You'll know how to buy expired domains in this SEO Secrets tutorial.
  • You'll know how to choose the best expired domains based on different metrics we cover inside this SEO Secrets course.
  • You'll know how much to pay for a certain domain and if it's valuable TO YOU and your business(SEO Secrets).
  • You'll know how to buy domains with Key Relevancy to your niche/industry and benefit from the YEARS of work others put into link building SEO(and scoop it up IN MINUTES).


  • You should know how to use a PC at a beginner level.


Did you know that Buying EXPIRED DOMAINS and then redirecting them using a 301 Redirect will transfer 100% of THEIR SEO to YOUR SITE?!?! It's true...

Here's the catch... certain metrics need to align with your site, keywords & optimizations if you are going to reap the FULL BENEFITS of buying expired domains.

Even cooler, I'm going to teach you how to get THE SAME SEO... but WITHOUT BUYING A DOMAIN!!!

Yeah, there are a lot of cool secrets inside this course. In fact, I know about 25% of my students will DOUBLE THEIR SEO from just 1 small change in their .htaccess file. And if you don't know what that is... then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!!!

Get even better SEO, better rankings, and without having to do any real "leg work" of (take your pick): creating high-quality & original content, videos, image editing, link building, time (aka patience), and so much more. You can SKIP ALL THIS with the use of 301 Redirects and the use of expired domains (whether you want to spend money buying them OR NOT) you can still get valuable links & link juice from them with this secret I'll teach inside.

WARNING: The crazy thing about this "SEO SECRET" is that Google WILL NEVER RELEASE AN UPDATE that gets rid of this SEO tactic for ranking your site. Crazy, but it's true (and I'll explain why inside)!

If you need any help with SEO and ranking better - then this is the course for you! BUY NOW!!!

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Zach Miller

Sales Funnel Consultant & Builder

My name is Zach Miller and I've helped double the sales of multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses. How? SALES FUNNELS! Your core focus should be a sales funnel. That's the cornerstone of a business. A sales funnel allows you to track your numbers, and number don’t lie. In fact, numbers TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. If you split test a page and ‘Page B’ performs better than ‘Page A’, which page do you keep pushing traffic to? While sales funnels are my core focus, there's of course more to run a business. That's why I also teach on various topics that I've used in my 10+ years in online marketing: Email Marketing, SEO, WordPress, Video Marketing, and all things entrepreneur and business owner.