Everyone can be a trader. Learn how to do it.

person icon Adrian Anghel

Everyone can be a trader. Learn how to do it.

All you need to know for making a potential living with trading without unnecessary information.

updated on icon Updated on Dec, 2023

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Duration -4 hours


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Course Description

Mastering the trading analysis It could change your life and now is your chance to take some profits from the life.

The course summarize most used strategies with clear examples and self explanatory graphic presentation. 

You will find yourself better informed than yesterday and one step ahead to your bright future in trading carrier. 

The information you gain here could be easily used in cryptocurrency , forex, stock market however, you have a high panel of choices when comes to trading carrier .

The information found here could be powerful for swing trader and day trader as well but also for investors when comes to a high time frame. 

This course has high chances to prevent you from being frustrated or sentimental when it comes to trading market. You will find a totally new world speaking of trading in cryptocurrency that could definitely change your way of thinking about this trading system. 

I have made this course for everyone else that is in the position that I was. Where I was sick of every course followed, every YouTube video that I watched, every new information that I got and even this there was no strategy that worked for me. Trade over trade losing money and creating inside frustration. Not because of the money that I lost, because of the fact that I did not understand what I am doing wrong.

That being said welcome to the course that will put everything in a different perspective.

You need to have a previous experience in order to understand what is presented in this course. Because here we are not going to explain you any of this trading basics. What I am going to do is to teach you how to have a better view to the charts/to the patterns/to the strategies so on so forth. And definitely to make you from intermediate trader to an advanced or maybe an expert one which depends on you .

As an advanced trader we do not predict the price! We do not care where the price is going!

What we are doing is to react to the price movement. So, if the price is going up, what I will do? But what if the price will go down here? I am ready to react to the market movements and to take some profit? This is the question?

Is the chart pattern, candle pattern, strategy clear enough on the graphic?

Risk Management

This is the most important thing about trading and the beautiful part. You can be totally newbie about trading but if you use a good Risk management you have high change to make money.

Once you have the RULES set, like strategy and most important Risk Management you need start building your plan.

At the end you will be able to not be affected by your sentimental when comes to trades and to have high potential chance to make money.

Education is not free, it could cost money or time, or both !


What will you learn in this course:

  1. Effectively employ support and resistance strategies.
  2. Gain a comprehensive understanding of supply and demand dynamics.
  3. Identify and leverage key candle patterns.
  4. Recognize and capitalize on chart patterns.
  5. Utilize the Fibonacci retracement strategy proficiently.
  6. Apply the RSI + EMA strategy for trading success.
  7. Receive valuable advice on day trading and swing trading.
  8. Conduct thorough analysis of price movements.
  9. Interpret charts with the acumen of a professional trader.
  10. Implement a robust plan for tracking trades.
  11. Grasp the concept and application of leverage in trading.
  12. Attain profitability through proven strategies.
  13. Master the art of risk management in trading.
  14. Analyze examples of successful and unsuccessful trades.
  15. Understand the limitations of various trading strategies.
  16. Learn how even a small account can lead to substantial gains.
  17. Cultivate emotional resilience to navigate price fluctuations.
  18. Gain additional insights and in-depth knowledge.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

A FREE TradingView Account for Chart Analysis

Trading analysis basics

Computer or Laptop


Desire to make money

Everyone can be a trader. Learn how to do it.


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

4 Lectures
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  • play icon Index 01:00 01:00
  • play icon Introduction 02:23 02:23
  • play icon Get Funded 00:41 00:41
Most common candlestick patterns
1 Lectures
Why the price is moving
6 Lectures
The most common rules for chart patterns
5 Lectures
Most common indicators used by traders since trading was a thing
3 Lectures
What will set you apart from others
2 Lectures
Plan & Tracking
5 Lectures
Extra - Leverage
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Adrian Anghel

Adrian Anghel

I'm excited to introduce myself as a coach and mentor who can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. With my diverse background and skill set, I believe I can provide you with a unique perspective that will enable you to succeed.

As an athlete, I understand the value of hard work and determination. I have competed in various sports, including cycling, running, and swimming, and have achieved success at the European Youth Olympic Festival as a cyclist.

I also have experience leading and managing teams. I led the youth team in a political NGO and managed a recruitment agency and a restaurant in collaboration with a partner. As a Scrum Master and Leading Safe(5.1) certified professional, I am skilled in managing projects and teams to achieve success.

In addition, I offer online courses in various subjects such as excel, leadership, Agile, Product owners, and Forex trading. I have expertise in editing videos and photos and can help you enhance your personal and professional brand. I am also knowledgeable in Google and Facebook ads, and I am working to establish myself as a LinkedIn influencer.

Furthermore, I possess technical skills in excel, basic Power BI, and SQL, and have presented multiple sessions on Agile. I have experience supervising and training multiple individuals within the companies where I have worked.

Lastly, I have a passion for investing in stocks and crypto, and I engage in day trading activities. As a self-taught individual with basic automation skills, I believe I have a unique perspective on the world of finance and can help you achieve your investment goals.

Overall, I am a multi-faceted individual with a diverse background and skill set that can help you achieve success. If you're looking for a coach and mentor who can provide you with a unique perspective, look no further. I look forward to working with you!

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