SAP IDT - Publishing

When you design a Universe, this is the last step where you can publish your Business Layer to the local file system or the Repository. When you publish a Universe, the publish wizard exports the Business layer, data foundation and connection shortcut, and allows reporting tools and available users to access this Universe.

You can publish a Universe to the local file system. This can include a Business layer based on an OLAP connection or a Business Layer based on Data Foundation with a local connection.

When you publish a Universe to the repository, you implement a security mechanism by publishing on the Central Management Server (CMS). All objects of Universe inherit object level and other security policies defined for CMS.

Publishing a Local Connection

You can publish a local connection to the Repository that is available under the local Project view. When you publish a connection, it changes from local unsecure .cnx connection to .cns secured connection under the repository.

To publish the connection, right-click on .cnx under local project → Publish Connection to a Repository.

Publishing Local Connection

When you publish a connection, it is changed to .cns.

Selecting a Folder

When you publish or retrieve a connection, you can select a folder where you want to publish connection.

Publish Connection