SAP IDT - Format Editor Overview

Format editor allows you to define display format for date, time, and numeric values. You can create custom formats or can also use default formats for the objects. Custom formats are used when default format doesn’t meet the requirement.

Default formats are based on common locale data repository CLDR. You can select from 15 default formats for Date and time, and 4 formats for numeric values.

Custom formats can be created using the format editor. Custom format contains text and tokens. A token is defined as predefined part of date or numeric value.

Date & Time Format Tokens

There are 15 date and time format tokens that are defined using the format editor. Consider the following date and time tokens for category - Day.

Token Description
Day 01-31 Day is represented by 2 digits 01-31
Day 1-31 Day is represented by 1 or 2 digits from 1-31
Day Name Day Name like Monday, Tuesday
Short Day Name Day Name like Mon, Tue
Day of year Day is represented by 3 digits - 001-366
Day of year 01-366 Day is represented by 2 or 3 digits - 01-366
Day of year 1-366 Day is represented by 1, 2, or 3 digits
Day of week in a month Day of the week in month like 2 for 2nd Tuesday of July
Uppercase Day Name Day name in uppercase - Tuesday
Lowercase Day Name Day name in lowercase - Tuesday
Capitalized Day Name Day name starts with capital - Tuesday
Uppercase short day name Day name is represented in short format in uppercase - Mon
Lowercase short day name Day name is represented in short format in lowercase - Mon
Capitalized short day name Starts with capital in short format like - Mon

Similarly, there can be time tokens for minutes, hour, week, month, quarter, and year format.

Number Format Sections

A number format section can be defined as consists of −

  • The sign
  • The integer value
  • Grouping separator
  • Decimal separator
  • Decimal separator
  • Exponential symbol

Consider the following example, which shows how a number can be displayed using different format defined in the editor.

Example − How number -1,234 will be displayed using number tokens?

Format Defined with Tokens Preview Display
[Sign][#] -1234
[Neg.start][0][0][0][0][0][Neg.end] (001234)
[sign always][#][dec.sep][0][0] -1234.00
[sign][#][decimal separator][0][0][E+][0][0][0] -1.23E+003
Revenue: [Sign always][#][Decimal separator][0][0] Revenue: 1234.00
[Boolean] True

You can use different list of number format tokens like sign, digit, separators, exponents, percent, and Boolean.