SAP HR - Public Holiday Calendar

Public Holiday Calendar contains a collection of public holidays, which are valid for a location - Personnel Area and Personnel Subarea. You can say that a company having office in Chennai and Hyderabad will have two different public holiday calendars.

Therefore, it means that a public holiday’s calendar that is valid for Chennai employees will not be applicable for Hyderabad employees.

Follow the steps given below −

Step 1 − Transaction code to access Public Holiday Calendar: SCAL.


Step 2 − When you execute this transaction code, you see the following screen −

Execute Transaction Code,

Step 3 − We first create a list of public holidays for a country and then assign these holidays to different locations. For example, one holiday - Republic day is valid for both Chennai and Hyderabad. You have to create one public holiday and assign it to the public holiday calendar for both the locations.

List of Public Holidays

You will see the screen as shown below −

Public Holidays Overview

Description of various fields −

  • Public Holiday − This field displays the long text of the Public Holiday.

  • Short Text − This field displays the short text of the Public Holiday.

  • Use in Holiday Cal − This field helps us to check if a public holiday is being used in a public holiday calendar or not. It is not possible to edit a public holiday when it is being used in a public holiday calendar. To edit a calendar, you have to remove it from all the public holiday calendars where it is used and then make the necessary changes and again re-assign the public holiday to the relevant public holiday calendars.

  • Sort Key − This field helps to group together all the public holidays valid for a country. Sort key is a three-character key. It is recommended that its naming convention should be in the “Znn” format, where “nn” defines the country grouping. For example, the sort keys for public holidays for Australia and India are Australia-Z13 and India-Z40 respectively.