SAP HR - Master Data

Maintaining the HR Master Data function allows you to maintain employee data tasks like entering the data, update, etc.

Data related to an employee is entered in various Infotypes. For example, Infotype 0002 contains personal information of an employee like name, date of birth, marital status, etc. Infotypes are used to group similar data and makes it easier to process.

Maintaining HR Master Data function allows you to access an employee’s Infotype records individually. Similarly, you can use fast entry function to maintain employee data simultaneously for multiple employees.

Performing a Personnel action in HR system like hiring an employee, involves entering huge data in the system. You have to enter series of Infotype information related to an employee.

HR Master Data Structure

The key components for HR Master Data in SAP Human Capital Management system are as follows −

  • Information type or known as Infotype
  • Information subtype or known as Info subtype
  • Object Identification to differentiate between data records
  • Data structure elements characteristics
  • Relationship

Processing HR Master Data

There are many functions, which can be used to process HR master data in system. These allow you to create or edit the existing records in the system.

Create function

The Create function allows you to enter the new Infotype record in the system. You can create new Infotype record and in addition, retain the old records in the system. Validity of new record is defined.

Change function

The Change function is used to edit an existing Infotype without creating a new Infotype. Using the change function, the previous value of Infotype is changed and any previous value is not stored.

Delete function

The Delete function allows you to delete an Infotype record in the HR system. When you delete an Infotype record with time constraint 1, it extends the previous record automatically.

Copy function

The Copy function allows you to create a new Infotype record and update history. This function does not enter data on a new screen but asks to enter information on a screen containing the data.

Display function

You can use the Display function to view an Infotype on the screen. In display mode, you cannot process or update data.

Using the List function, you can display an overview of all the records stored for a specified Infotype.

Selecting HR Master Data

To access an employee data, you must enter the employee’s personnel number and the Infotype whose data records you want to process. You can find personnel numbers, even if you do not know them exactly, by using the Search Help for Personnel Numbers.

Once you search an employee, you can check the employee Infotype record in the system. Infotype search can be performed using the following methods −

  • Selecting an Infotype by name or number − You can perform a search for an Infotype if you know its name or number.

  • Selecting an Infotype using functional area − You can also search an Infotype using functional area as SAP HCM system contains similar Infotypes group together.

    • Personal Data

    • Payroll Data

  • Selecting Infotype using text − You can also search an Infotype by typing text search term. System displays all the Infotype whose name matches the search item.

  • Selecting an Infotype using Personnel file − You can also search an Infotype using a personnel file.