SAP HR - Payroll Process

Payroll is processed to calculate the basic salary for the employees and other payments like overtime, shift allowance, and other bonuses. A payroll is processed at certain point of time.

You need to mention the payroll area for which payroll should run. To execute payroll run for multiple payroll areas, you need to run the individually for each payroll area. To lock a payroll for a particular employee, you should use lock Personnel number function.

Payroll control record is used to control the payroll process as mentioned in previous topics and status of payroll control record is automatically changed with each step performed in payroll run.

Payroll Areas to Run Payroll

When a payroll is run for a payroll area, SAP system increases the period number in the payroll control record by one. It is not possible to change the master and time data for the personnel numbers belonging to the current payroll area if it affects the payroll past or present.

Payroll Run

This is used to determine the current payroll period from the payroll control record and performs payroll using the values you entered in the payroll program.

  • You have to check if the payroll process has completed successfully or any errors have occurred. When the payroll runs with errors, system displays error messages. You can get a descriptive payroll log.

  • You can put the payroll status to check the payroll results during this phase. This way you make sure that no changes are made to the payroll-relevant data which could affect the payroll past or present.

  • You can put a check on the results of payroll run after completion.

  • You can also get a report that tells you the stored payroll result. Using this report, each employee can see the contents of all internal tables that has payroll results and you can also check all partial runs.

Correcting master or time data for payroll run errors

In the Payroll Status Infotype (0003), the system also flags the payroll correction field for all the rejected personnel numbers. In case you correct the master or time data for a personnel number, this field is also flagged.

All personnel numbers for which the master data is corrected are grouped again in a list- Matchcode W. The next step is the payroll correction run, which involves payroll run for this matchcode W (only for corrected personnel numbers).

Release payroll

When you have many employees in the correction run, you can run the correction payroll run as a background job. However, if there are only few employees, it can also be run online like a regular payroll run.

Posting to Accounting

In few cases, errors can popup, which means that you should change the master and time data again. If it occurs then run the payroll correction and this means posting to accounting again. In the end, you exit the payroll.