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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - In SAP Fiori, which of the following technology provides a viable option for creating a secure SSO infrastructure if you're considering extending single sign-on to extranet or cross-company scenarios?

A - SAP Single Sign on

B - X.509 certificates

C - Kerberos

D - Window AD authentication

Answer : B


X.509 certificates

Q 2 - While configuring factsheets, to make connection objects available in in search which of the following has to start?

A - Users and Authorization

B - Indexing

C - PFCG roles

D - UI services

Answer : B


To make the objects in the connectors available in the search, you have to start or schedule indexing for the new connectors. In admin cockpit choose the connectors you want to schedule indexing for and then choose activate. Below Object type, select one or more search and analysis models. Select start immediately to trigger indexing immediately or schedule for a later time. Select OK.

Q 3 - To communicate between SAP HANA Extended Application and Web dispatcher, which of the following protocol is used?





Answer : D

Q 4 - While creating OData service, which of the following is used to define data structures are used by business process and relationships between different data structures?

A - HTTP Get Method

B - Entity Data Model

C - OData

D - Service Document

Answer : B


An Entity Data Model (EDM) is starting point when designing an OData service. EDM defines data structures are used by business process and relationships between different data structures. An EDM is constructed from an Entity type which defines one part of business object

Q 5 - In SAP Fiori Data flow, where do UI objects and Launchpad data stored?

A - SAP Web Dispatcher

B - Front End Server

C - Back End Server

D - SAP Hana

Answer : B

Q 6 - In SAP Fiori user role and management, UI roles are defined in which of the component?

A - Back End

B - Front End

C - HANA XS Engine

D - Factsheets

Answer : B

Q 7 - Which of the following all launcher tile shows number that can be read dynamically?

A - Static

B - Dynamic

C - News Title

D - Factsheet

Answer : B

Q 8 - To insert a new object like a date or a key figure, which of the following must be extended in UI?

A - Annotation File

B - Static Tiles

C - Search Model

D - A and C

E - B and C

Answer : D

Q 9 - While configuring Analytical apps, which of the following tools can be used to deploy HANA specific software components?

A - Software Update Manager SUM


C - SAP Market Place

D - SAP Life Cycle Manager

Answer : D

Q 10 - Which of the following authentication method in Fiori security allow users to access multiple SAP applications and services through SAPgui and web browsers without further username and password inputs from the user?

A - Session tickets

B - Logon Tickets

C - X.509 certificates


Answer : B