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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - In SAP Fiori, which of the following technology provides a viable option for creating a secure SSO infrastructure if you're considering extending single sign-on to extranet or cross-company scenarios?

A - SAP Single Sign on

B - X.509 certificates

C - Kerberos

D - Window AD authentication

Answer : B


X.509 certificates

Q 2 - You can implement enhanced security in SAP Back end server while configuring Central Hub deployment of NetWeaver gateway. Which of the following allow you to implement this?

A - As Gateway is configured multiple times

B - Business suite and NW gateway are deployed on same server

C - Business logic and Backend data from UI layer

D - It is recommended for test environment

Answer : C


UI layer and SAP NetWeaver gateway is contained in ABAP Front-end server. The ABAP back end server contains business logic and back end data. Separating business logic and back end data from UI layer has below advantages −

Single Point of maintenance for UI issues- such as browser support and updated version of SAP UI5 libraries.

Central place for theming and branding SAP Fiori Apps. Routing and composition of multiple backend systems is supported.

Single Point of access to backend systems and enhanced security because of no direct access to backend system. SAP recommends Central Hub deployment especially for Productive environment. Separate NetWeaver Gateway system is required.

Q 3 - Which content layers of SAP Fiori architecture, transactional apps are part of?

A - Search Models

B - UI & SAP Business suite

C - SAP Hana

D - None of the above

Answer : B

Q 4 - To check the total of Work Items which have been set as complete or done and not incomplete, which of the following transaction is used?



C - SWI2_ diag


Answer : B

Q 5 - While implementing Business Add-In, Which is the filter option in BAdI implementation?

A - Workflow template Id & Step number

B - Task Id

C - Customer task Id

D - None of the above

Answer : A


Workflow template Id and step number are filter option in BAdI implementation.

Q 6 - GW_CORE and IW_BEP components are installed on the same ABAP system. To expose Gateway service, which of the following system alias should be used?

A - Remote

B - Local

C - <Client> <SID>

D - <SID> <Client>

Answer : B


If the GW_CORE and IW_BEP components are installed on the same ABAP system, then the system alias will probably be LOCAL.

Q 7 - To modify Transactional Apps, which of the following transaction should be used?

A - Launchpad Customizing (LPD_CUST)

B - Search Modeler (ESH_MODELER)

C - ABAP Dictionary (SE11)

D - Role Maintenance (PFCG)

Answer : C


To modify Transactional applications, you need to modify below 2 transactions −

ABAP Dictionary (SE11)

ABAP Navigator (SE80)

Q 8 - Which of the following development tool can be used to modify and import SAP Fiori App Source Code in UI extensibility?

A - NetBeans

B - MS Visual Studio

C - Xcode

D - Eclipse

E - Android Studio

Answer : D


In order to modify a SAP Fiori scenario, it is recommended to do so with an Eclipse installation which has the SAPUI5 Application Development feature installed. This simplifies the development process because you can rely on useful tools such as code completion and app preview.

Q 9 - Which of the following is the entry point for the administration of Embedded Search?

A - Template Modeler

B - Administration Cockpit

C - Control Bar

D - All of the above

Answer : B

Q 10 - Which of the following authentication method in Fiori security allow users to access multiple SAP applications and services through SAPgui and web browsers without further username and password inputs from the user?

A - Session tickets

B - Logon Tickets

C - X.509 certificates


Answer : B