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Questions and Answers

Answer : D


In configuring ABAP back-end server we define Role, users and authorizations. Assigning OData service roles and RFC authorization is defined in ABAP back-end server.

Q 2 - While configuring factsheets, to make connection objects available in in search which of the following has to start?

A - Users and Authorization

B - Indexing

C - PFCG roles

D - UI services

Answer : B


To make the objects in the connectors available in the search, you have to start or schedule indexing for the new connectors. In admin cockpit choose the connectors you want to schedule indexing for and then choose activate. Below Object type, select one or more search and analysis models. Select start immediately to trigger indexing immediately or schedule for a later time. Select OK.

Q 3 - In SAP NetWeaver Gateway hub deployment, Gateway service development takes place in which of the following system?

A - IW_HDB (Hana)

B - IW_PGW (Process Gateway)


D - IW_BEP add-on

Answer : D


Gateway service development takes place in which ever system contains the IW_BEP add-on.

Q 4 - In SAP Fiori Work flow, it can be used on which of the following device type?

A - Tablet

B - Mobile

C - Desktop

D - B & C

E - All of the above

Answer : E

Q 5 - To build a leave approval workflow in ESS, which of the below Business object to be used in the Workflow?





Answer : A


FORMABSENC BOR Object(SWO1) has a corresponding SAP demo workflow, which is for SAPGUI, meaning it has dialog steps. Most of approval steps are activity type which calls Business Object method.

BAPI_ABSENCE_CREATE,BAPI_ABSENCE_DELETE-creates, delete etc HR infotype 2001

Q 6 - In SAP Fiori Back End system, which of the following OData service to define model and to use the method define to create entity, properties etc. using code based implementation?

A - Data Provider Class

B - Base Class

C - Model Provider Class

D - Extension Class

Answer : C


MPC - This is used to define model. You can use the method Define to create entity, properties etc. using code based implementation.

Q 7 - To modify Transactional Apps, which of the following transaction should be used?

A - Launchpad Customizing (LPD_CUST)

B - Search Modeler (ESH_MODELER)

C - ABAP Dictionary (SE11)

D - Role Maintenance (PFCG)

Answer : C


To modify Transactional applications, you need to modify below 2 transactions −

ABAP Dictionary (SE11)

ABAP Navigator (SE80)

Q 8 - Which of the following transaction is used to activate ICF service in SAP Fiori?


B - SE80



Answer : C

Q 9 - Which of the following file contains project metadata, resource and navigation routine path, and is extended for UI extensibility?

A - Configuration.js

B - Main.Controllers.js

C - Main.view.js

D - Component.js

Answer : D

Q 10 - How many SMART business apps are defined in Fiori Analytical apps?

A - 69

B - 59

C - 84

D - 74

Answer : A