Rock-Solid Principles to Make Link Building More Scalable

If you go to Google’s guidelines on “Ranking Useful Pages”, you will find a phrase −

“If other prominent websites on the subject link to the page, that is a good sign that the information is of high quality.”

So, Google has unabashedly expressed its love for a strong backlink profile which makes it imperative for marketers to focus their energy on Link Building.

What is Link Building?

Link building encompasses all strategies to get other websites to link to your page making a win-win situation for both parties. What makes link-building a challenging task is that automation would not help you much here. Spamming the inboxes of your prospects using mass-email tools doesn’t go a long way in link building. After all, it is about relation-building which is not the machines’ domain yet. Hence, link-building requires genuine HUMAN efforts.

Now links can be obtained using four ways −

You can create them

You can create your own link which points to any other page of your site(interlinks).

You can also place the link to your page on social media posts, comments, etc.

It is not considered particularly effective in SEO as anyone can do it.

You can buy them

Yes, you can buy links. There would be innumerable LINK FARMS offering you links in exchange for money. It is not something that Google suggests and thus buying links comes under BLACK HAT SEO. You are better off only if you are not caught; if you do get caught, it can cost you dearly. At best, your ranking will take a hit on the SERP and at worst, your page will be removed from the Google Index.

You can request them

This includes the lion’s share of your link-building efforts. Reach out to potential sites and request them to link to you. We will discuss this part in detail shortly.

You can earn them

Here comes the most desired one. Earning backlinks. This means you do not put any effort into gaining that backlink. Websites owners themselves link to you. Google holds earned backlinks in the highest regard. But it does not come easy, especially if you are a beginner. The only thing matter here is your content. You have to come up with unique and relevant content consistently.

You have to convince the owners that your content will add value to their website. Although it is a herculean task, once you start earning backlinks solely based on your content, there is no looking back. You will get way beyond your competitors.

Creating Outreach: The Right Way

Till now we saw four ways to obtain backlinks. Creating your own link won't help much. Buying links can be risky. Earning backlinks can be tedious and time-taking. So, everything boils down to requesting backlinks. Therefore, it needs special attention. Here are some tips for marketers before they start their outreach −

  • Make sure the website you are reaching is related to your niche. You cannot reach out to a site selling jewelry when you have golf balls to offer.

  • Check for the site’s authority.

    Domain Authority − It takes into account both the quality and quantity of backlinks of a particular site. There are numerous tools to help you with this. No brainer, getting backlinks from sites of higher authority will have a greater impact.

Stages of outreach

With the above points in mind, let us discuss the three stages of outreach −

  • Prospecting − Put your head down and find as many websites from your niche as possible.

  • Vetting − Make a list of people you will be reaching out to.

  • Email Outreach − It is a crucial part where the human factor comes in.

    Here are a few tips −

    • Do not just shoot a prototype email to everyone in your database using a tool.

    • Personalized email is key. Zero consideration for the recipient simply means Spam.

    • Make sure you include the owner’s name in the mail. Random Sir or Ma’am turns them off.

    • The subject line of the mail should clearly and creatively state the purpose of your mail.

    • Keep your message simple and to the point.

    • Show them that you have done your research about them.

    • Highlight how you will add value to their content.

    • Try sending emails to their personal IDs.

    • Respond as quickly as possible in case you receive any updates from them.

Tactics to Expedite Your Link Building

1. Broken Links

You can capitalize on the broken links on your desired website. Reach out to the website owners with content that can bridge the broken link.

2. Brand and Influencers

Make sure you tag brands and influencers from your niche in your content. Chances are that they will tag you back in a thankful gesture in case they come across it.

3. Guest Blogging

There are numerous platforms where Journalists from various niches post their requirements for content on a particular topic. For example, HARO. Not only start-ups but also well-established companies make use of these platforms. Hence, guest blogging is an excellent way to get featured on your desired website.

4. Competitors

Have a look at your potential competitor's backlink profile. See which sites they are getting backlinks from which you aren’t getting. Find out if there is an opportunity for you too. Act.


Backlinks continue to play a significant part in ranking your page in the SERP. It is all about building relationships for mutual benefit. Initially, you will need to request links. Do not assign this task to machines and tools. Each website owner deserves personalized mail from you. Do not come across as invaders of their inboxes but as a helping hand. No doubt, it requires consistent hard work and regular monitoring but once you are through this and start receiving the backlinks, you will witness the wonder in your ranking and everything will be worth it. The journey becomes much easier now. You can focus on your content then and aim for earning backlinks rather than requesting.

Updated on: 07-Apr-2023


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