The Importance Of Technical SEO For Link Building

Do you have your own company website or manage one? If so, then you understand the significance of ranking high on the first page of Google. All marketers want for one thing: their site to be towards the top of search results.

Your strategy is on the right track if your website ranks highly for all of your target keywords. And if not, then it suggests there is a lot of work that needs to be done. The site's existence is predicated on its ability to attract visitors and transform them into potential customers. One way to do this is through climbing the ranks of search engines. The better your website ranks, the more money you'll make.

Let's get down to brass tacks here; how can we improve the site's search engine rankings? Well! Link building and technical SEO are two methods that may be used to accomplish this. It could sound the same at first, but you'll see significant differences upon closer inspection.

What Is Technical SEO?

Increasing a website's page rank in search results is the primary goal of technical search engine optimization. Making a website quicker, simpler to crawl, and more intelligible for search engines are the cornerstones of technical optimization. On-page SEO includes technical SEO, which focuses on enhancing your website's aspects to get better ranks. It's the antithesis of off-page SEO, which focuses on increasing a site's visibility by means other than its own pages.

Technical SEO may aid search engines in −

  • Accessing

  • Crawling

  • Indexing

  • Interpreting

Link Building: What Is It?

It may seem like you do not influence earning backlinks, but you have. While link building depends on external websites connecting to your material, this does not imply that you cannot apply strategies to encourage other websites to do so. You can increase your chances of earning backlinks by being proactive, including developing relationships with other businesses and influencers in your industry; producing high-quality content that ranks well on SERPs; encouraging readers to share your content; and establishing your brand as an authority in your field.

Creating high-quality content relevant, useful, and worth linking to, establishing oneself as an authority to create a reputation as a dependable source, and expanding visibility are the three components of an efficient link-building approach.

Now, let's investigate the connections between technical SEO and link-building strategies.

Disappearing Content, Faulty Links, And The Dreaded "404."

Broken links, often known as the dreaded 404 error, are one of the most significant barriers that bad technical SEO erects in the path of efficient link creation. The most effective method for fixing this is to do a technical SEO audit or to use a program that checks your pages for broken links and allows you to update them. Checking for broken links regularly is an important aspect of technical SEO since reorganizing pages and content is a common part of site optimization.

Removing Old Links And Content

Another significant problem that might derail your attempt to increase your link popularity is duplicate content. This occurs when you create many landing pages for separate campaigns but ignore them, even though their URLs go back to your main site.

The fact that search engines frown upon duplicate material poses a challenge for any link-building approach. They penalize it in their ranks, which might have a significant impact if you've been attempting to elevate a certain page.

How Is The Site Laid Up And Connected

It's not always as simple as it seems to expand your online presence to a larger audience. You start tiny, and you become larger, but that enlargement process often leaves a boatload of legacy problems in its wake, and sometimes we might be too busy adding to a site to go back and correct the things that weren’t done properly in the first place.

One of these problems is the underutilization of internal link building, one of the most helpful tools in any link-building plan, either because we forgot to do it at the time or because the URLs have changed. Identifying broken links and the sites with the highest ranking authority to base the plan around is an important part of any targeted internal linking push.

Focused Redirects

The most straightforward solution to the above problem is simply redirecting the old URL to the new one. Nevertheless, if this isn't done often, it may become tedious and time-consuming; hence, those who are lazy or short on time may seek quick-fix methods, such as just forwarding to the homepage. Yet, they may not have time to go through your site to find what they were looking for.

This customer experience, however, is also your sales funnel and sending someone to an irrelevant page is like asking a consumer to walk out the door and come right back in again. Redirecting users to relevant sites is a simple technical SEO technique that may have a significant impact.

Doesn't Link Building Hurt Websites' Rankings?

Throughout time, page ranking elements have been uncovered by trial and error, despite Google's refusal to disclose their exact methodology. Sadly, once these characteristics were revealed, many websites attempted to abuse them wherever possible to increase their page ranks without genuinely earning those positions. Because of this, low-quality information dominated Google's search engine results pages (SERPs).

When it comes to link building, many websites have resorted to spamming comments on online forums and message boards to send connections back to their website and paying for backlinks from "link farms." These behaviours helped unfairly enhance their ranks. As Google’s major purpose is to serve its consumers with relevant and good-quality material, they have gone to enormous lengths to eradicate these flaws. That's why it's important to make sure they originate from a reliable source since it might affect your page rating otherwise.


At its foundation, technical SEO is about ensuring your site performs precisely how you want it to operate. There is a lot you can do to have a bigger and better impact on your company. You'll need a fantastic plan of action. Experience and a deep understanding of search engine optimization will be of great assistance.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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