Revenge Sleep Procrastination: Are You Doing It and How to Stop

During hectic work schedules, people often need a perfect “me” time in a day. Individuals hardly get leisure time to enjoy due to their busy work schedules. Some like staying awake late at night rather than going to bed regularly. Here people deliberately cut off sleep time to enjoy their leisure time and spend more time on what they like. This situation is often known as Revenge Sleep Procrastination.

Key Features of Revenge Sleep Procrastination

In General, staying awake late at night is not a sign of Revenge Sleep Procrastination. Sleep procrastination is a situation when individuals face the following situations.

  • When people go to bed late, it will automatically decrease their overall sleep time every night.

  • Individuals delay sleep due to several reasons like chatting with online friends, watching movies, or due to some external noise, etc.

  • People engage in Sleep Procrastination knowingly. They know that it can create a bad impact on their overall health.

  • Smartphone addiction is one of the prime reasons for Sleep Procrastination. Many spend huge time on social networking sites and reduce adequate sleep time.

  • Individuals involved in a high-stress jobs hardly get time to spend leisure time. Hence they cut-off sleep time to enjoy leisure time. 

Besides those mentioned above, there are some other causes that can develop revenge sleep procrastination. Sometimes people may feel unpleasant emotions like stress and anxiety whenever they go to bed.

Sometimes human’s biological clock starts mismanaging, and people start feeling awake when they should go to bed. Another cause of sleep Procrastination is chosen to be active during sleep time at night.

Impact on Health

No one can ignore the benefit of adequate sleep on the human body. Maintenance of proper bedtime will keep people free from all stress and tension. It will also help you to get a healthy life.

But, many at present cannot maintain their sleep time due to several reasons and can suffer from several health issues. Going to bed late at night and waking up early morning will deteriorate sleep patterns and will develop different health issues.

Anxiety, depression, and difficulty in concentration are common problems one can face after prolonged Sleep Procrastination. Besides, individuals can suffer from several health issues like high blood pressure, increase in cardiac problems, low immunity, and sudden weight gain are some common problems of sleep disorder.

Poor sleep results in physical illness, but it can also cause serious illness to mental health. People who are involved in Revenge Sleep Procrastination are hardly aware that it can create serious health issues in their life. 

How to Manage Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

No doubt, sleep procrastination can lead you to suffer from several health and mental issues. Here healthcare providers suggest maintaining a few things that will help people to manage revenge sleep procrastination.

Highlight Sleep Pattern

After a hectic work schedule, all need to spend leisure time, including proper rest. If you want to take proper rest, you need to prioritize your sleep, and you should never disturb your sleep pattern. You always need to pay attention to the maintenance of proper bedtime if you want to get up fresh the next day. Proper sleep every day will add more energy to your life, and you will feel better. 

Practice Maintaining Sleep Time

You should not indulge yourself in breaking your sleep routine, even on weekends. If you want to change the bedtime pattern, you can set the alarm and be attentive to some work to break your old sleep pattern.

Experts suggest staying away from blue light exposures for at least one hour before you sleep. Blue light radiation is similar to UV rays, and hence you should not use mobile phones, laptops, etc for at least one hour before you sleep.

Many feel that power naps during the day can fill your sleep inadequacy. But a small nap during the day can cause sleeping disorders at night.

Check Your Day Schedule

A busy schedule is the root of sleep procrastination and can seriously impact your health. A hectic work schedule eats up the entire time of your day. Hence you need to check the schedule and cut off those tasks which you feel are not important. This will help you to reduce your burden, and you can enjoy your spare time.

Do Exercise

If you want to improve your sleep pattern, getting involved in regular physical activities seems to be the best option. Regular exercise can improve your sleep superiority and also improve your complete health.


Proper sleep requires a peaceful mind, and meditation can help keep your mind calm. The human mind always buzzes around several things due to everyday work and other schedules. It is necessary to stay calm and keep your mind quiet to get enough sleep.

Make Healthy Boundaries Between Work Life and Home Life

At present, many are habituated to completing their official tasks at home. This habit consumes private time, and people don’t get enough time to spend with family members & friends. This lead to a cut in sleep time, and people suffer from lack of sleep. Hence it is always suggested to complete your daily task at the office and spend leisure time once you return home.

Make a Schedule for Unwanted Tasks

Once you decide to cut off some unwanted tasks to get some spare time, it is also necessary to make a schedule for doing those unwanted tasks. Again while replacing these undesirable tasks, you also need to indulge in some tasks that will be pleasurable for you. 


As per experts, it has been noticed that once people get involved in Revenge bedtime procrastination, it becomes tough to break. Individuals start feeling the adverse effect of this habit once they become exhausted and feel uncomfortable working during the day. Prolonged practice of this situation can lead to several health issues, and they will feel compelled to stop this habit. Once people assess that they should not indulge more in this habit, it is the first step to overcoming sleep procrastination.

Updated on: 12-Apr-2023


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