Project Communication Skills

Enhance your emotional intelligence by learning project management psychology


People and interactions over processes and tools - so says the first point of the Agile manifesto.

Behind this capacious phrase lies a philosophy, by accepting which you move to another level of project management.  Technical tools, as well as the expertise in the subject area of the project, is certainly a necessary, but not sufficient element of a project manager's skillset. People and Interactions , Communication and Soft skills , are at the forefront and are critical success factors in daily activities and in career growth.

In practice, it often happens the other way around , blind adherence to process regulations (“it’s stated in the methodology!”), underestimation of the stakeholders involved in the project (“nobody agreed with me on this”), inability to find approaches to resolving conflict situations (“Go to.."), demotivation of the team (“Enough is enough”) - all this will most likely lead to the destruction of the atmosphere of the project, and as a result, it will significantly increase the risks of missed deadlines and higher costs.

A project manager, in addition to the ability to plan and organize, must be a good psychologist , and should be able to assess the influence of various stakeholders, find the keys to various personality types, resolve conflicts , select the right people for the team and motivate them.

In this course, I collected the main points, that the project manager must be aware of and work on on a daily basis. In addition to technical tools for structuring communication, such as the stakeholder matrix, communication matrix, we will look at how different personality types can be classified. We will talk about useful attitudes and principles of building communication and about various ways of resolving conflict situations. We will study the types of leadership styles as well as the basic psychological needs and the influence of motivators / demotivators. We will additionally elaborate how to select the right team for the project and how it should be managed.

After completing my course, you will be able to:

1) Grasp the role of communication in project management

2) Critically reflect and adapt your behavior

3) Improve your emotional intelligence in a project management and beyond

4) Enjoy your job as a project manager to a higher extent

Your Instructor:

Dr. Eugen Truschkin graduated from Technical University of Berlin with a diploma in industrial engineering. He spent five years working as a research associate at two universities in Germany (Technical University of Berlin, Technical University of Darmstadt), being responsible for creating and holding lectures, managing research projects for both private and public authorities, and publishing his results in peer-reviewed journals.

Having defended his Dr. thesis, he joined a consulting company in Germany - a part of a transportation and logistics holding acting worldwide. Eugen has been a project manager for more than 13 years and is currently a Senior Project Manager in consulting responsible for managing large-scale projects in different industries around the globe. At the same time he teaches project management as a university lecturer and acts as a mentor for project managers and consultants who have recently started their career in this field.

What you’ll receive:

  • High quality video lectures with contents bringing communication in the project environment “to the point”.

  • High quality downloadable handouts that you can always use as a supportive source of knowledge in your daily work.

  • Lifetime access to the course.

  • Instructor support in case you have any questions.

Why this course?

  • It is a tailor-made course for communication skills in project management.

  • It is taught from a case study perspective making communication skills in project management tangible.

  • It provides you with the best practices from the instructor’s own experience working around the globe on different types of projects and interacting with other global players in consulting (MBB, Big4).

  • Your instructor has more than 14 years of teaching experience – both as a university lecturer and as a mentor for project managers and consultants who start their career.

  • Course updates on a regular basis with your lifetime access.

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn why communication plays a crucial success role in project management
  • Learn how to apply basic communication tools (Stakeholder Matrix, Communication Matrix)
  • Learn how to find an individual approach to the stakeholder based on its personality type
  • Learn what mindset supports your communication and how to handle conflicts
  • Learn the difference between leadership styles (Boss vs. Leader)
  • Learn how to motivate your team and what you should avoid
  • Learn how a successful team can be set up


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