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Running Slide Show in Powerpoint 2010

Most PowerPoint presentations are created to be run as a slideshow. Given all the advanced features available in PowerPoint 2010, it is no surprise that there are many features related to running the slideshow that have been included in this program too. Most of these features are really to help you create a good slideshow without having to go through the entire presentation over and over again after every minor change. Features related to running the slideshow are grouped under the Slideshow ribbon.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Section Menu Item Description
Start Slideshow From Beginning Starts slideshow from beginning
From Current Slide Starts slideshow from the current slide
Broadcast Slideshow Allows users to broadcast the slideshows using Microsoft's PowerPoint Broadcast Service
Custom Slideshow Builds a custom slideshow by picking the slides you want to run
Set Up Set Up Slideshow Helps set up the slideshow including browser/ full screen display, show options with or without narration/ animation, pen and laser color during the slideshow and the slides to be presented during the show
Hide Slide Helps mark/ unmark the slide as hidden, so it is skipped or shown during the slideshow respectively
Rehearse Timing Allows users to rehearse the timing on each slide and the entire slideshow
Record Slideshow Records the slideshow including narration and animation
Slideshow Checkboxes Helps set or avoid the use of narrative audio and rehearsed timings during the show. Display media controls in the slideshow view
Monitors Resolution Defines resolution in slideshow view
Show Presentation on Picks the monitor to display the presentation one - in case of multiple monitors
Use Presenter View Run presentation in Presenter view rather than just slideshow view