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Add New Slides in Powerpoint 2010

In this chapter, we will understand how to add new slides in an existing presentation. Here are the steps that allow you to insert a new slide in the deck −

Step 1 − Right-click in the Navigation Pane under any existing slide and click on the New Slide option.

Add New Slide

Step 2 − The new slide is inserted. You can now change the layout of this slide to suit your design requirements.

New PowerPoint Slide

Step 3 − To change the slide layout, right-click on the newly inserted slide and go to the Layout option where you can choose from the existing layout styles available to you.

Microsoft Office 2010

You can follow the same steps to insert a new slide in between existing slides or at the end on the slide list.

When we insert a new slide, it inherits the layout of its previous slide with one exception. If you are inserting a new slide after the first slide (Title slide), the subsequent slide will have the Title and Content layout.

You will also notice that if you right-click in the first step without selecting any slide the menu options you get are different, although you can insert a new slide from this menu too.

Microsoft Office 2010