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Add & Preview Transitions in Powerpoint 2010

PowerPoint supports slide transition feature which allows you to specify how should the slides transition during the slide show.

Given below are the steps to add and preview slide transitions.

Step 1 − Select the slide to which you want to apply the transition.

Step 2 − Go to the Transition Scheme under the Transitions ribbon.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Step 3 − Select one of the transition schemes from the list available. PowerPoint will instantly show you a preview of the scheme. If you are not satisfied, you can pick an alternate scheme. The last selected scheme will apply to the slide.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Step 4 − You can change the effects on the selected transition scheme from the Effect Options menu. Every scheme has a unique set of effect options.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Step 5 − You can also modify the transition timing settings from the Timing section.

Step 6 − To preview the slide transition, click on Preview.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010