What is the difference between supplementary angles and complementary angles and also linear pairs of angles?

Complementary Angle:

Two angles are said to be complementary to each other if the sum of the two angles is 90°. For example, 


The above two angles are complement to each other because 65° + 25° = 90°.

Supplementary Angles:

Two angles are supplementary to each other when their sum is 180 degrees. For example,

The above two angles supplement each other because 65° + 115° = 180°.

Linear Pair of angles:

When the two adjacent angles are supplementary, such pairs of angles are known as linear pairs.

In other words, a linear pair is a pair of adjacent angles whose non-common sides are rays pointing in the opposite direction.

In the above figure, ㄥAOB and ㄥBOC are supplementary angles which means, 

ㄥAOB +ㄥBOC = 180 degrees


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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