(a) Solar cells are used to provide the electric current to charge the batteries of a car driven by an electric motor. Describe the energy changes which take place.
(b) What differences would you expect in the charging of car batteries (i) in bright sunlight (ii) on a cloudy day (iii) at night?

(a) The solar cells convert solar energy into electrical energy. While charging the car batteries this electrical energy is converted into chemical energy. When these charged batteries are used, the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy, then this electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy by the electric motor that drives the car.

(b) (i) In bright sunlight, the car batteries are charged quickly.
     (ii) On a cloudy day, the car batteries are charged very slowly.
     (iii) At night, the car batteries can not be charged at all, as there is an absence of sunlight.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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