a) Write down the formula which relates electric charge, time, and electric current.
b) A radio set draws a current of 0.36A for 15 minutes. Calculate the amount of electric charge that flows through the electric circuit.

a) The relationship between electric charge, time, and the electric current is that the charge is the product of current flowing through the circuit with in the given time.

Mathematically, Q = I x t

b) Given: The current drawn by the radio set = 0.36A

The time taken by the current to flow in the circuit = 15min = 15 x 60 = 900s.

To find: We have to find the electric charge that flows through the circuit.

Solution: We know that, Q = I x t

=> Q =  0.36 x 900= 324C.

Hence the charge flowed in 15 min is 324C.


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