Order to Cash (O2C) - Accounts Receivables & DSO guide

Improve your Collections, DSO and Working Capital by getting all your upstream processes right

  Sonu Thomas

   Finance & Accounting, Business, Finance

Language - English Published on 06/2022


Welcome to the world of Order to Cash. We will make a honest effort to cover all relevant topics in the O2C cycle.

This course will be covered at multiple levels :

  • High level O2C Process with 6 major groups

  • 3 sub groups explained under each of the groups and

  • Deep dive into each of the subgroups and activities (with practical examples and explanations)

This course will provide an overview of the following concepts

  • Order Management - Prospect becoming a Customer,

  • Order fulfillment – Delivery of goods or services and post fulfilment,

  • Invoicing, Invoice generation and Invoice circulation,

  • Revenue including Deferred Revenue and Unbilled Revenue,

  • Discounts and types of discounts

  • Accounts receivables – Collection follow up strategy, Dunning process,  Payment accounting, Cash application, Credit handling, BRS, Factors impacting DSO, Allowance for doubtful debts etc.

  • Reporting of Revenue and Receivables – Analysis and Business insights , Visual dashboards 

  • Special topics like Customer, Credit rating, DSO Swings , Escheatment process, Factoring, etc.

  • Few Interview Questions specific to Order to Cash

  • Accounting Journal entries pertaining to end to end process.

  • You can take up this course to understand some of the concepts and controls in O2C more specifically Accounts receivables and DSO, to perform better in your current role.

  • This course is relevant for all stages of your career - beginner, mid-level or senior levels.

  • This course is designed in a simple layman language and anyone who doesn't have prior knowledge also can understand the basic concepts

  • This course can also be used for induction training for any levels

What Will I Get ?

  • Good overview of the Order to Cash End to end process

  • Understand all the key concepts of O2C, Accounts Receivables and the impact it has on operations

  • Master the factors which impact Accounts Receivables, DSO and steps to improve the DSO and gain expertise in collections and working capital management.

  • Awareness of the lesser known components which can swing the DSO.

  • Acquire a fair idea of the roles and responsibilities in each of the teams.

  • Become proficient in accounting journal entries

  • Learn the importance of Credit risk assessment, Factoring and Escheatment process.

  • You will be considered as a subject matter expert and become a valuable resource in Order to Cash team for any organization


  • This course is designed in a simple layman language and anyone who doesn't have prior knowledge also can understand the basic concepts

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