My eyes pain a lot when I read the whole day. How to soothe them?

We are living in a technology-driven world; therefore, not only those who are in front of a laptop all the time but also those who have the habit of reading books intensively need some tips to soothe their eyes.

Ways To Soothe Eyes

Tea Bag − After using a teabag, keep it in the refrigerator for a while. Keep the tea bag on your eyes for a few minutes. It gives a cooling effect to your eyes. Darkness due to stress is reduced well by his method.

Tomatoes − For this, you need one tablespoon of tomato juice, and just rub it all around your eyes area, give it a nice massage so that it gives relaxation to your eyes.

Raw Potatoes − Slice the potato into two half and rub the potato really well around your eyes on your lids too anti-clockwise and clockwise motion. Massage your eyes really well with it. It will not only give you a soothing effect but improve your blood circulation as well.

Cucumber Juice − Cucumber is well-known for quenching thirst. Moreover, its cooling quality is truly refreshing too. Place two slices of cucumber on your eyes and it will give you a comforting effect. You may also use cucumber juice to wash your eyes with it.

Rose Water − The healing properties of rose water make it ideal for eye care. Take some water and add a few drops of rose water to it. Later, rinse your eyes well using this cotton pad.

Ice − Take an ice cube and close your eyes. Now, rub the ice cube over your eyes and then let them still closed in order to feel the cooling sensation from within.

Cold Water − Splash cold water over your closed eyes and feel the ecstatic bliss.